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20 young artists’ life, deeply rooted in people’s "theme of practical activities to report the results of painting and calligraphy exhibition –" Gutian, people.com.cn exceptionally fragrant yellow flowers "  Dong Xiyuan     Chinese painting 14, published two anniversary commemoration of Xi Jinping as the general secretary of the Forum on literature and art, literature and art Chinese Chinese Artists Association and co sponsored by the foundation Federation of literary and art circles, the China" report to the people — 20 young artists’ life, deeply rooted in people’s "theme of practical activities to report the results of exhibition in Chinese CPPCC wenshiguan kicked off. Attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition guests Chinese vice chairman of Federation of party secretary, Zhao Shi, vice president and Deputy Secretary of Chinese Federation party Li Yi, vice chairman of China Federation of Party members, left in a China, Federation of Party members, Secretary Chen Jianwen, vice chairman, chairman of the Federation of Chinese Artists Association China Liu Dawei, China Artists Association of party the Secretary and the Secretary General Xu Li, vice chairman, China Meixie Chinese curator Wu Weishan, Chinese literary arts foundation Secretary General Feng Shuangbai, deputy secretary general Guo Ximin, China Federation of organs of the departments of the leadership, Chinese Meixie organs of all cadres and workers, 20 artists, and guests from all walks of life, the news media more than and 400 people attended the opening ceremony. Secretary of the left in his speech, said the theme of practical activities to reflect and show them in recent years to adhere to the people as the center of the creation oriented, in-depth life, great achievements in creative writing. In the works of the exhibition, we can not only appreciate the artistic creation of the artist’s unique personality, but also appreciate the "walk in" consciousness of the creator, the feeling of "melt in" and the "sink down". The 20 participating in the youth art furniture has a clear common: they have long rooted in life, the object is the performance after a long observation of life after life, a refined, the emotion is simple and generous, in the creation of language is unique and diverse. It can be said that each piece reflects the temperature of life and the depth of art. This is a major feature of the life, deeply rooted in our people "theme of practical activities, is to avoid superficial, as a mere formality, the general call into a substantial driver, focusing on artists make strong initiative in the creation, make them more in-depth experience of the dialectical relationship between art and life, art and the people in the process of creation. The last message to the majority of art workers to the general secretary Xi Jinping important speech of the Forum on literature and art for the lead, more conscious life, deeply rooted people, with the source of life education art creation is evergreen, more worthy of the nation, worthy of the era of literary and artistic works. To achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream to make greater contributions to china. Secretary Xu Li said in his speech, the past two years, in order to implement the general secretary of the Forum on literature and art "to carry forward the spirit of the speech, the people to" creative ideas, in accordance with the general requirements of the Central Propaganda Department, people’s life deeply rooted "theme of practical activities, according to the China Federation work plan, the implementation of the" deep China Artists Association "people’s life, rooted in folk songs of plan progress. The selection of the National Association of artists recommended for many years to adhere to the basic sketch, creative art相关的主题文章: