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2016 Chinese Miaoxiu public exhibition opened in New York Ouyang Nana: the woman [September 15, 2016] Sohu, New York on September 15th -21, during New York fashion week, the Song Qingling foundation China Marie Claire female happiness fund to hidden in the mountains of the China high set to the world metropolitan New York. By the Chinese Song Qingling foundation of Guizhou Province, Kaili Municipal People’s government, the world’s top fashion magazine "Marie Claire" Marie Claire jointly organized the 2016 China Miaoxiu charity Exhibition "will be held during this period in New York Venue 57 exhibition. On the first day of the opening ceremony, the organizers Chinese vice chairman of the Song Qingling foundation, Guizhou Province spring wells meal of Kaili Federation of literary and art circles chairman Wang Shaoshuai, Hearst media advertising group China District CEO Yang Min, Marie Claire brand chief content officer Deng Li and two dignitaries, Ministry of culture of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Asia Pacific Bureau Chief of staff Silvia Morimoto, Ouyang Nana and other well-known artists and hundreds of guests to visit the site, feel China type artisan spirit also pay tribute to China traditional crafts.       Miao folk heritage Miaoxiu embroidery techniques, is one of the unique expression of Miao history culture, is the crystallization of Miao women and wisdom, as the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage ", was recognized as Miaoxiu is one of the most exquisite embroidery art. But because of various reasons, Miaoxiu are facing the danger of extinction. In order to save the intangible cultural heritage in ethnic minority areas, to help women to improve living conditions, improve the social status, in 2011, the Song Qingling foundation and China Claire "Marie Claire" has set up a "Song Qingling foundation China Marie Claire female happiness fund", in support of Kaili city in Guizhou Province people’s government, women’s organizations to carry out a series of Miaoxiu skill training activities. To carry out the project for five years, to support the Miao village of 8, more than 600 households, in the Miao village families benefit projects to support the family annual income ranging from 3000-5000 yuan, completed more than 1000 pieces of embroidery embroidered piece and 5 different parts according to ancient costume Miaoxiu copy. The project with the government counterpart agencies cooperation, to create a new model of local government in the precise poverty, poverty alleviation and precise combination of heritage miaoxiu. The 2016 China Miaoxiu charity Exhibition "is one of the most important annual event in the project. Wang Shaoshuai, President of the Federation of literary and art circles in Kaili, said the exhibition was "to let the world know more about the beauty and inner world of Miao women in china."       China vice chairman of the Song Qingling foundation wells meal spring in 2016, the Song Qingling foundation Chinese Marie Claire female happiness fund also to UNDP and other donors jointly launched the "fingertips" of happiness and public action, is committed to the protection of traditional arts and crafts, to improve the lives of female children in remote areas to explore. The road of sustainable development. Song Qingling, vice chairman of the China foundation, said: "this exhibition is an important part of the cultural exchange between China and the United states"相关的主题文章: