28 year old Qiao Renliang died with the good man 10 strong total issued a tribute (video) hamimelon

28 year old Qiao Renliang died with the good man 10 full 2007 issued a tribute to my hero 10 Tencent entertainment Qiao Renliang died the news shocked the entertainment, he was in 2007 to participate in the Oriental TV "! Good man "is known, when he won the runner up. Died after the news, in 2007 10, Fu Xinbo Goodman Jing Bairan, Zhang Dianfei, Zhang Chao, Zhaxi Dunzhu, Yan An, Li Yifeng, Wang Rui, micro-blog also all the memory of the cypress lifelike brothers, and want to stop spending, about Qiao Renliang. Jing Bairan: "I can’t believe it. I still don’t want to believe it. Please respect him." Fu Xinbo: "the whole people are now ignorant, to hear the news until now I do not believe, do not dare to believe, don’t want to believe it, my heart is more uncomfortable now but do not want to understand. Obviously two days ago in Shanghai micro letter said together, why, why?" Zhang Dianfei: "Kimi, all the way! From last night till now my mind is always a lot of memories, memories.. paradise brothers, no pain, no depression, rest.. Zhang Chao: "all the way"! Joe’s son!" Zhaxi Dunzhu: "everything in the world, in addition to the dead, which is not a pile. – you so please spare it, don’t consume him! Don’t discredit him! Now with the hands! For him to an Om Mani Padme hum,!" Yan An: "left me alone, how to support the national rock day?" Li Yifeng: "I don’t want to believe… Please respect him, to protect his family, don’t find him dead in any news." Wang Rui: I know it must be false, but in the past, the other side of the phone call can not be connected to remind me a little scared, but I firmly believe that must be a rumor!" At home: "the cypress lifelike cold, dead after the tomb of boiling. Qiao Yunyun to face disaster, said Ren is dead is awesome. Beam of the heart has been broken, I can’t go back to the precious memory with good air weeping." Regret! Artist Qiao Renliang accidental death相关的主题文章: