Use Wisdom With Your Finances 胡慧中近照曝光 美女球员入日本籍

Spirituality It’s not that we’re just the lucky bunch. There will come a time when you have to say: You know what? I’ve overspent and now I’m going to have to do without some stuff for awhile. I’m going to have to say no to myself until my flesh is screaming and having a fit but I’m going to do it so I can get out of debt and have financial liberty. I’m not – I am not – I will not – I will not live under this pressure the rest of my life. I’ll tell you something and I believe this with all my heart: Some of you don’t have the jobs that you need, you don’t have jobs that pay you enough money, you don’t have the favor that you should get at work, but I’ll tell you something: If you start respecting your money and because of your love for God, you start doing everything that you can to handle your money properly and if you’re willing to do without some stuff to get out of debt, God is going to honor you. God’s going to honor you and he’s going to give you favor on the job and he’s going to give you jobs that maybe you aren’t even in the natural qualified to do because you’re sowing seeds by doing your part. Come on, give God a little praise tonight. Joyce: I really want to encourage you to use wisdom with your finances. Don’t be making a lot of emotional decisions — buying things emotionally. We have to care about later on and later on is going to come. It’s very, very unwise to just make a big decision in a moment of heated emotions not realizing that the thrill you feel right now you’re not going to feel later on when you need to pay for that thing that you’ve bought. Joyce Meyer believes that many of you have struggled financially, are struggling financially and you don’t want to struggle financially in the future. The only way you can help yourself is to learn, we have to be educated. We’re offering my dvd teaching called "the cause and the cure for financial deficiency." First of all I think you have to realize that you have a problem, you have to realize how you got into that mess and then that helps you realize what you need to change in the future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: