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Outsourcing Government initiatives In 1995, spatial data capture efforts for the General Services Administration (GSA) process measurement facilities, space, and data validation process to ensure maintenance of the classification accuracy of the information. The scope for data integrity initiative (SDI) is not called for. Mother of a handful of private institutions for SDI GSA signed a contract to perform the operation. Owners of buildings and initiatives standards, measurement methods, the reaction of Managers Society, a private building owners, property managers and real estate companies in increasing the car to a new generation of income, the latest and most accurate. 21. Century. The same time, a 6 percent annual real income increases, new technologies, using a combination of managers and owners, real estate organizations and to monitor the use of space allows for more efficient manner. In fact, charging the appropriate amount of income received in the area. SDI project is primarily a combination of two actions, first calculate the physical and spatial information. In other action, high-tech software used to process and store this information. The SDI project, laptop computers, software, electronic measuring 300 feet in the eighth on an inch, ultra-sensitive, which uses the size of the laser devices used to manage the area. Facility manager, marketing, and a terminal facility to view information about the client to ensure real time. This process is Data Validation Services that effectively allows the development of a standard size and distribution within a booklet of all beliefs, where all regions. This standard was developed for private sector office buildings, and some large companies use. GSA has adopted this standard for all buildings. Verification process by the scope of the following four phases: Measurement of space: the space measurement, laser repair equipment, CAD software and training professional team with a laptop computer, home makes each element. This is a half inch to 1 / 8. All these features are consistent with the production of electronic drawings. connect to the database: the resulting picture is one of the external database. In each area, square footage calculations and database links that the user has a unique "tag" is defined as a purchase. All changes to the database will automatically tag the CAD drawing. Try the photo, and the database, and then eliminate potential errors by a wide range of tests. A squint. An accuracy of 1 / 100 of the floor on a regular basis as a whole is obtained. Tenant information database is now ready to generate reports. Maintenance: the existence of electronic drawings to reflect the changes to help simplify maintenance. Their core competencies to focus on the body allows. Benefits Real estate costs, facility managers are infinitely precise electronic drawings provided by the owner of the advantages and savings in the following. Building owners, the rent increase, but before the actual drawing area of the old charger, lost the ability to increase revenue. As a manager or owner, to increase confidence in the numbers, not just at the same time, the lease, tenants generally accepted standards of building self-confidence increases are installed using the. This information will be kept neat and clean in one central place, All data is secure and easily accessed by the facility manager or property owner will be stored in an electronic document management system. Any time the plant manager, the owner can get a snapshot of information. The touch of a mouse, a plant manager, depending on the size and cost effectively as possible to calculate the rental income on their financial growth. Appropriate square footage, square footage, one can obtain an incorrect initial contract costs can be cut. Another benefit of the furniture in order. Typically, furniture, drawings, based on an incorrect sequence space tenants. The exact size of this space furniture, make sure you can participate. This, and private organizations are wasting time and money is a major challenge for the company’s assets. The installation process to ensure that future increases in income for most of it is paid within the first few months that followed. What are the advantages of their validation of the concept of space, you can search for companies by daily basis. Like most new technologies, spatial data validation "big men" led by the private sector, but is now ready for any level. When the building space as an option as an endorsement of these standards is drawn. If you have more than one structure is involved in the process, then the new software, as well as to protect and manage the information generated will help the owners. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: