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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews What is a LCD HDTV? The 3D LCD HDTV is high modern fantastic technology for life. Television system, one of the biggest entertainment systems at any time created. Back in the day, people were outstanded by the capability of being able to enjoy broadcasts in black & white. People were surprised by the technology of being able to enjoy live broadcasts from across the globe, movies and sports all whilst not having to get away from their homes. And then followed along colour! Since colour television system now there also have been even more improvements for our watching enjoyment. Today by using electronic digital television system greatly becoming the standard, we now have LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) & Plasma screens, once again bettering graphic high quality whilst keeping area. But really it doesnt stop there. The revolutionary technology that once again, will probably improve the watching enjoyment is "High Definition TV" or HDTV for short. So, what is HDTV? High- definition television ( simply HD) come from having resolution greatly higher than standard television systems. HD has one or two million pixels per frame, about several times which of standard. Early HDTV broadcasting used analog techniques, but today HD is digitally broadcast using movie compression. HD is the newest generation of electronic digital TV, providing life-like graphic high quality, at least four times better than current standards. It will provide highly clear and excellent graphic detail by using richer colours, bettering the visual experience. And now 3D LCD HDTV. 3D TV technology is dependant on the principle of stereoscopy, that creates the optical illusion with depth in an image. The simplest way to improve depth perception in the brain is always to provide the eyes with the person by using a pair of different images, representing a pair of perspectives of the exact same object, using a minor deviation exactly equal to the perspective which both eyes normally receive in binocular vision. You can find at present three type of 3D TV technology in the marketplace and also each one works in different way. The 1st one, anaglyph technology is the most popular one (think red/ blue paper glasses) but typically the 3D effects arent so fantastic. The 2nd one, polarized (or passive) technology, is the technology you"ve been exposed to when enjoying a 3D in IMAX theater. The 3rd one, active technology is the most. Many manufacturers expect 3D LCD HDTVs to really break out in 2010. Read more about 3d lcd hdtv here: About the Author: 相关的主题文章: