Why Feeling Good Is Sooooo Key 方媛返沪父母接机 南昌公交车起火

Attraction Heres the thingyou attract more of what you put out. Its as simple as that. The universe/God/all-knowingnesswhatever youd like to call ittakes what were putting out and gives us more of it. Its just a simple law of nature, and is easily verifiable. Simply notice how when youre feeling not so greatnot so great things tend to happen and visa versa. Soin order to attract more good into your life, the simplest and most effective thing you can do, is begin to change how you feel right now. One cool idea is to stop, and take a moment to be grateful for what IS going right. It just be that youre still alive Either way, its something we can reflect on and feel gratitude for. That thought makes us feel a little better, and in that moment we begin to attract better circumstances, things, events and opportunities into our life. Another very cool tool for changing how you feel in any momentabout any thing is EFT. I know some of you may be sick of me touting the awesomeness of EFT by nowbutto be honest, it cant be said enough. EFT is a life changer. If youre unfamiliar with it, check out this Video Tutorial. Using EFT you can simply choose tap away whatever negative or not so nice emotion you may be feeling. Its quite amazing So, the basic idea goes like this. Notice how youre feeling in this moment. If its not excited, or positive or optimistic decide to change it. Become consciously grateful for all the things are going well in your life. Use EFT to tap on anything that may be bothering you in this moment. Once thats taken care ofyoull be vibrating in a much more positive mannerthus attracting more positive things/events/opportunities into your life! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: