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Golf A guide to the different types of golf club and their use during a typical game… The three main types of club are woods, irons and putters. In addition to these, we have wedges, a type of iron used to play shorter shots and hybrids, which combine the straight hitting capabilities of an iron with the height one would achieve by using a wood. Golfers use several clubs during a game, although rules restrict them to a maximum of 14. The typical set of golf clubs will include: 1 x driver 2 x fairway woods 1 x set of irons 1 x pitching wedge 1 x sand wedge 1 x putter One of the most important factors to look at in a club is loft. This refers to the angle between the vertical plane and the club’s face. This is what makes the ball leave the tee on an ascending trajectory. The impact of the clubface on the ball makes for compression, which together with backspin gives it lift. This is particularly important for clubs such as woods which have been designed to achieve optimum shot distance. We shall now look at the different types of clubs in greater detail: Woods – The primary aim of a wood is to achieve the greatest possible distance towards the hole. Traditionally they were made of wood, hence the name, but in the 1980’s manufacturers began to use metals such as steel or titanium. Some of the more advanced clubs are made out of space age materials such as carbon fibre or scandium There are 2 different types of woods, which are known as drivers and fairway woods and drivers. Golfonline have cheap fairway woods and drivers from all of the leading manufacturers, including the following ranges: TaylorMade burner, quad and R7 Callaway hyper, fusion and big bertha Irons – With a flat angled face and a shorter shaft than a wood, Irons are intended for shots which are approaching the green from difficult terrain such as in the rough or the trees. The design of irons usually incorporates a flat wedged clubhead, which is wider towards the tip than the base. Golfonline stock a full range of cheap golf irons including: Callaway x20 and FT irons Nike slingshot Putters – Putters are designed to roll the ball along the grass, usually the final shot towards the cup. They do have a lift, albeit a very slight one of around 5 degrees and this helps to increase rolling distance and reduce bounce on the turf. As putting is the most precise aspect of a game of golf, it is vital that a golfer has an accurate putter. Important characteristics of a good putter are smooth stroke and glide, enabling the golfer to make the best possible attempt at putting. Some of the most popular putters on the market today include: Odyssey black series and white hot putters Nike putters Wedges – Wedges are used mainly for short distance approach and attack shots, in order to place the ball accurately on the fairway or to hit the ball out of the rough. These clubs are specially designed to achieve maximum altitude and accuracy on shots with lofts ranging from 45-60 degrees. Golfonline have all of the best wedges available, including the Cleveland black pearl , TaylorMade satin and Callaway putter ranges. Hybrids – Hybrids are across between a wood and an iron. Combining the distance of a wood and the familiar swing of an iron, hybrids are often referred to as ‘rescue clubs as they are intended to be used by golfers to get out of difficult terrain on the course. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: