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Reference-and-Education All thanks to inept human activities, the ecological balance has been disturbed and that too in a crucial way. Natural disasters like earthquakes are now commonplace as a consequence of this upsetting of ecological balance. Every other day, some or the other country is being hit by an earthquake leading to the death of numerous humans. With earthquakes becoming a typical phenomenon, it might be wise if all prepare ourselves for the same. When preparing for an earthquake, there is no manner that you may miss out on a first aid kit. Injuries cant wait and ought to be addressed immediately. But, your mediocre first aid kit will not do when the idea is to prepare for an earthquake. The regular 1st aid kits that comprise of only band aids and gauzes isn’t what you need here. Lots of people like to keep even their beloved acne treatments like the Exposed Skin care System in their medicine cabinet but that is not a thing that you’ll need at the time of the earthquake. So, you need a first aid kit that caters to this specific natural disaster and helps you survive till you have access to better medical help. Your earthquake first aid kit should include 4×4 gauze masks, CPR barrier masks, gauze rolls, paramedic scissors, and trauma dressings etc to be truly effective. If you are a high blood pressure patient, do remember to keep your blood pressure medication handy as your BP is likely to shoot up at the onset of an earthquake. Make use of a utility shutoff tool. Bulk of the earthquake situations take a serious turn, in case the functioning of the gas meters and water meters run out of control. A gas leak out or a water leak out is a common sight after an earthquake. If such leaks are not monitored well on time, it could cause scenarios such as explosions and fire breakouts. It is advised to check for leaks by monitoring the gas meter time and again. Besides, you could use spark resistant metal tool to turn off water and gas meters. Have stored water all set. You might not need water in the very next hour after an earthquake. But, there’s a strong possibility that you might be trapped for several days following an earthquake. In such a case, having water accumulated will prove to be of great help. Ensure that you store sufficient water. Ideally, you’d need 1 gallon of water per individual per day. In case you may afford it, you can even consider hiring a private aircraft as a measure against natural disasters. On the event of an earthquake, you’ll be able to fly away from the location of the catastrophe. However, in case this appears to be an impractical idea, the other discussed tricks will help you prepare just as well for an earthquake. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: