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Nutrition As we set to unravel the structure and functions of the wiz protein molecules called enzymes, let us understand the timed co-ordination of the different activities of the body starting from the micro functions at the cellular level (internal)cascading to the macro functions at the sensorial level(to the surface). At the micro level, enzymes control various activities such as digestion, brain-nervous system co-ordination, hormone-stimulation/inhibition and metabolism. These controls initiated at the cellular- micro level cascades to the macro-level "" to the organ-system, muscular-contraction, expansions, the sensorial functioning (for instance when you touch something hot , your immediate reflex is to take your hands off, the impulse is sent to the brain and the immediate involuntary reaction, in a matter of split seconds, is catalyzed by a group of enzymes) and almost all functions that manifest from the human body system. In short these indispensable protein molecules are what make the human body an intelligent working system, keeping the life-cycle in pace with the energy and time of the external system .This elucidates the paramount significance of enzymes roles in maintaining good health Imagine, what would happen if all the body functions weren"t given a time-frame? Entropy/disorder would set in and you can very well visualize the human body system, strung in timeless-ness. (Similar to a car running, with no accelerator or gears or controls, just on the track initiated, with a stand-still steering, unaware of any impending collisions!) . Depending on the nature of function performed, enzymes can be classified as 1)Digestive enzymes, which break down the complex food-molecules into simple ones for absorption in the blood stream, from which the other organ-system derive their nourishment. For example, Lipase acts on fatty foods thus assisting the gall bladder and the liver in breaking down fats, protease on protein foods, amylase on starch(carbohydrates), Lactase on milk sugar; Cellulose which act on cellular fiber, to break the cell-wall and squeeze out the nutritive value of fruits and vegetable cells. 2) Food or plant enzymes which occur naturally in raw fruits and vegetables, but get destroyed due to cooking- that subjects them to high-temperature. 3) Metabolite enzymes, which co-ordinate the overall metabolic activity of different organ systems , from kidneys, lungs to heart to the brain. Thus there is a well-defined classification of these phenomenal protein molecules, which testify the importance of the enzyme"s role in maintaining good health and well-being. Now, does the human body have an exhaustive supply of enzymes? The answer is no, because factors such as stress, poor lifestyle (smoking, alcoholism or junk-food consumption) take a toll on the body"s natural productivity of enzymes. One outstanding example of enzyme malfunction manifestation is the rising incidence of Diabetes(abnormal glucose levels) which is controlled by the pancreatic hormone -insulin- whose trigger is again a pancreatic enzyme. The presence of free radicals in the body, triggered by new-age lifestyle, eating habits, can lead to tumourus growth of cells causing cancer. So what is to be done, when the body faces a deficit of enzymes whose role in maintaining good health, is unquestionable? Dietary supplements in the form of enzyme tablets can be taken. There are the digestive enzyme tablets, enzyme supplements for boosting the immune system, or for fighting diseases such as cancer, for quickening the healing process after a surgery"a long chain of enzyme supplements are available as crucial links to the life-processes. As a catalyst to keep in pace with the modern life-style, kosher-certified Raw-Deal Inc supplies the "life-savers" and "life-controllers" to a wide-spectrum of industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, Nutrition, botanical, Nutraceuticals to the beverage and the baking industries. Raw deal as a "multifunctional ingredient supplier" from its exclusive partnership, with Columbia-based B.Altman & Co, supplements the health-market with products such as enzymes, amino acids, flavors, glandular materials, fruit powders, oil powders, vitamins, botanical seeds, herb benefits, minerals. The partnership functions as a "co-factor" for Raw deal, just as co-factor molecules boost the activities of enzymes who in turn take up an irreplaceable role, in maintaining good health, from individually to globally! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: