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Travel-and-Leisure Recommended Dominican Republic Vacations, Destinations, and Sightseeing Opportunities Seize the opportunity to fully enjoy your Dominican Republic vacations by being certain to unravel all the major renowned tourist spots and destinations in the area. Some great destinations in the city include the great Jarabacoa, where there are waterfalls pouring down the mountain ranges and Santo Domingo, a famous place in the city for tourists and vacationers alike. Also, the virgin island of Cayo Levantado provides a wonderful sightseeing opportunity, while allowing you to experience marvelous excursions and lazing out in the coolness of the coconut trees. The fishing community of Boca Chica bestows you the chance to watch people routinely working with their fishing nets along the shore. For the beach lovers, Punta Cana and Puerto Plata are notable havens that await to gift tourists with the finest beaches in the region. You are bound to catch a glimpse of a mesmerizing sight at any part of the place. Commence your remarkable destinations and sightseeing opportunities at the earliest with available Dominican Republic vacations. Dominican Republic Vacations and Wonderful Accommodations As you plan for your Dominican Republic vacations, spend some time in choosing for the best accommodations that you and your family deserve. The Atlantis Hotel, located on the gorgeous Playa Bonita, is just one of the many fantastic hotels and accommodations that is the Dominican Republics pride. This hotel, which is also known as Hotel de Charme, has eighteen cozy rooms and each can have two up to five guests, depending on the room sizes. Not only is this hotel known for its great lodging services, it is also popular for its serene aura which provides relaxation to all its guests, while the sounds of the waves and the gentle chirping of the birds are enchanting calls of nature and freedom. This fascinating ambiance is made more ideal as you have the chance to sit or lie down under the great palm trees and watch the beauty of the azure waters and fine, white sands of the beach. All these shall whet your appetite, and soon, you will find yourself grabbing lunch on a beach porch or a covered terrace for dinner, with only the most natural sumptuous delicacies within your reach. Atlantis Hotel definitely provides you with wonderful accommodations during your Dominican Republic vacations. A Primer on Dominican Republic Vacations Every well-equipped vacationer knows that the ultimate first step to a mind-blowing getaway is to know the basics and the vital information about the place intended to be visited landmarks, accommodations and things to do there. One popular tourist destination on the Caribbean is the fantastic Dominican Republic, which is famous for the charming white-sand beaches. Also, the country abounds in other breathtaking tourist destination spots and adventures that will make your Dominican Republic vacations simply the best. The Zona Colonial and the Catedral Primada de America are just two of the must-see landmarks in the area. The Zona Colonial is a famous collection of ancient 16th century architectural highlights, whereas the Catedral Primade de America is the most-prominent monument in the capital city, Santo Domingo. Another must-visit in the country is the Los Tres Ojos, a confirmed tourist spot in 1970, and which is a cave with four lakes within it. You can start planning your Dominican Republic vacations as you now have ideas on some of the fantastic tourist attractions within the area. Dominican Republic Vacations: For the Best Summer Escapade This summer, get ready to experience your best summer escapade in the beautiful Dominican Republic, which is famous all over the world for its lovely white-sand beaches. Families and friends await the season of summer every year to get a feel of the beach and go on relaxing trips, and Dominican Republic vacations are always one of the more preferred choices of summer vacationers. The country boasts of its several breathtaking beaches that promise absolute fun in the sun to make your escapade truly one-of-a-kind. If your idea of water fun consists of water activities such as snorkeling, scuba-diving, and sailing, then you must definitely go for beaches in the Puerto Plata, where water adventures are at their best. Vacationers also love Sosua, another place famous for its wonderful beaches, especially a U-shaped one where several water sports and snorkeling are popular past-times of tourists and locals. Your Dominican Republic vacations will promise you endless possibilities of fun and adventure to fill your summer getaway and make it the best. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: