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Legal We have witnessed so many allegations regarding defects with products in our markets. There have been reports from a cross section of people raising questions about the safety of the products we use. Some of these assertions have been real and others have been rumors and mere speculations. So many manufacturing and processing companies have once or twice committed the offense of letting substandard unhealthy products into the market. We have also seen companies paying a lot of money out in compensations that could have been avoided if the company was a little more carefully. Many people have sought legal assistance in trying to find redress from the injuries caused by the use of these products. Its quite clear that when youre injured or affected by the use of these products, you have a way out to file your claims following the proper procedures. As a result of defective product and consequent injury from the use of the product, you can file a claim against the company or manufacturer of the product and press for compensation. It should be understood that there are theories that help you define the particular claim you want to file against the manufacturer. These theories may prove to be a milestone if you follow them in the right way. There are warranties that try to put you on the right path as you think of putting up your claim against the manufacturer. They will enlighten you on which way is best for you. The manufacturer may at times go against his set standards and as such makes an express breach of the warranty. Where the manufacturer violates the express warranty that is written on the product, it gives you, the affected person an okay to institute a claim for damages against the manufacturer. Therefore, the labels of the products, instructions attached to the product and a host of other signs which identify the manufacturer with product will give you a chance to file your claims. There are also implied warranties; these lack the express warranty but they have some association with manufacturer of the product. Here, the law has the right to apply it to the products of the manufacturer or even the shop or mall from where you acquired your products. But note that this warranty will vary with type of the product e.g. merchantability and the declared fitness of the product for a specific purpose. Where the product clearly shows the defects that it is possible to link to the product, you can strictly institute your claims to the specific manufacturer, not in general. This will be viewed that the company failed to take necessary measures to prevent the problem. Strict liability is hence taken in determining where the fault lies. There is also the level of negligence on the part of the manufacturer which calls for a closer look to establish it. You must therefore brace yourself for a battle as you begin to file your claims. Seek legal advice from legal experts as you remain optimistic that you will win in your claims. About the Author: By: Hassan Elhais – A party to an arbitration contract have right to request annulment of arbitration award if arbitrator did not follow the procedures contained in the arbitration contract or the agreed terms of reference. By: Robert K. Sanders – Employers make plenty of mistakes and you cannot really blame them if they do not know everything about the employment law. Employing attorneys is certainly the best way to prevent this, but small enterprises don’ … By: Jake Winston – Employment law is a very complex part of the law because it is made up of various conditions that are meant to protect both the interests of staff and employers. 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