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Home-Appliances Major Appliance Technicians The duties of major appliance technicians are to make service calls and make repairs to major appliances in the customers’ home or business. These technicians are usually very knowledgeable about all types of appliances. They will have sufficient experience to handle most problems as they arise. They work with a minimum of supervision. On most calls they will make estimates, make the repairs, and receive payment for the work while they are there. In most instances they will plan their own work schedules. The major appliance technicians must be very good at human relations. They are responsible for a large supply of parts on their trucks as well as the necessary tools and test equipment. They must be well groomed and be physically able to do the required lifting. They must adapt to changing working conditions. REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLIANCE TECHNICIANS Appearance A neat-appearing technician will impress the customer just about as much as anything. The technician must be neat and clean. Cleanliness is important in both your appearance and your work habits. It is very desirable to keep your tools and parts in order so that they can be easily and quickly found. When you are finished with the job, be sure that the work area is left clean and neat. Wipe off the machine with a clean rag. Do not leave grease, fingerprints or handprints on the machine. A few extra minutes used for this purpose will go a long way toward customer relations in addition to making the machine look like it has been repaired. There will be very few complaints from anyone about this gesture. Maintaining a Good Attitude A good attitude toward the customer, the machine, the equipment manufacturer, and your employer is very important. If you display a negative attitude toward any of these, the customer will also develop a bad attitude and them. You must always project a positive attitude, be courteous, and cheerful. Always project an impression. Be on time for the appliance repair appointment, if its made. If you are unable to make the appointment, be courageous enough to phone the customer and set up a new appointment. If you do not, and the customer must phone the company again, the customer will be very displeased with the whole job and will probably be very difficult to satisfy. Always be honest with the customer. If you are not familiar with the piece of equipment that is to be worked tell the customer. Many times you have a background mat will permit you to call upon past experience to repair the machine. If you cannot fix the machine, inform the customer and give an explanation of what you propose to do. Treat other people the way that you would want them to treat you if you were their customer. A self-conducted tour through the customer’s home or building should not occur. Do not talk about other customers, neighbors, or the product to the customer. In most instances it is better to offer no opinion about the quality of the machine. Even if you think the customer is going to have a lot of trouble with it, do not say so. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: