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Business Security is a primary concern of any owner of a business in the Houston area. Making sure the office or site of business is locked down after hours is an essential part of the day to day operations because of how costly, both in the short term and in the long term, a break-in or other security breach can be to the company. That being said, there’s a vital part of commercial business security that often goes over looked and can, in many cases, leave a company open to much more severe consequences. Regulating and securing your place of business from the inside and during the hours of operation is as important as it is during other times of the day. With access control, you can restrict and closely monitor entry into areas of your business making them secure from both external and internal criminal activity. AlarmVision is a security company Houston businesses use when they want to make sure they’re protected by the latest innovations in the security industry. The only thing worse than a non-existent security system is an outdated one because that latter provides a false sense of security. Criminals are able to recognize and bypass security systems that are out of date and many current alarm systems Houston companies are using actually result in an over 90% false alarm rate. This is extremely ineffective and inefficient for the authorities that are dispatched to these false alarm calls because it makes them less prepared to answer legitimate calls. Alarm Vision’s video surveillance systems send video to a live person who is able to determine if the authorities should investigate. Among the many services that we provide, AlarmVision offers access control Houston companies can install in order to track who is coming and going in their office as well as restrict certain areas from being entered by unauthorized individuals. By setting it up so that these areas can only be entered with a security key card or by inputting a security code, you’ll be able to not only limit access but because each entry is timestamped, you’ll also be able to keep a log of who is entering the area and when. This means that should something suspicious occur, it’ll be easy to narrow down potential suspects. For companies that operate in large facilities, access control is something that should be strongly considered in order to maintain the highest level of security possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: