sell their music online through Indie artists site is just the beginning. Marketing yourself and your music is the way to go and eventually 成都相亲鄙视链 中国天眼一周岁

UnCategorized What is an artist to do when people no longer pay $19.99 for a compact disc? Driving down the road the other day, while listening to the satellite radio, I wondered, why anyone even purchased over priced CD’s from the record store at all? I am assuming that the music industry is shifting or possibly being shoved. The amazing thing is that there are millions of artists out there who aren’t even worrying about getting a record deal. They are paving their own path to success with online music promotion. Some recording contracts pay pennies on the dollar for royalties stemming from the sale of CDs. It is true, a recording contract does equal publicity and all that jazz but some artists are tired of waiting. The music promotion resources available on the Internet have me wondering why all independent artists don’t stop focusing all their energy on getting signed and focus on what they can do for themselves in the present? Live in the now! Online music promotion is the absolute wave of the future for musicians. I mean, the ability to create your own site, get a MySpace site, sell their music online through Indie artists site is just the beginning. Marketing yourself and your music is the way to go and eventually, if your goal is getting signed then more power to you. Independent music promotion is more popular than ever because of the music promotion resources that are unbeatable. Booking and playing gigs is absolutely thrilling. But it is even more thrilling to book a high paying gig as a result of effective online music promotion. Don’t sit back and let others take your piece of the pie. It is just too easy now a day to grab that piece on your own. Generating profits, attracting thousands of fans, booking gigs and taking home a huge share of the dough is not uncommon for the unsigned artist anymore. Get a website, network, get a MySpace page, send your link to media, sell MP3s, blog and write newsletters. Don’t let any thing slide under the table because it is too easy to succeed with online music promotion today! Independent music promotion is the way to go because it can and will generate profits. Get your act together and start selling that music online. Focus on new technology such as MP3’s, mini-DVD’s and booking fabulous gigs because that is where the cash it! Music promotion resources have never been better so take advantage of everything the digital age has to offer! About the Author: Owner of Platinum Millennium publishing, former record label owner & national music industry seminar speaker/panelist. Author & creator of best-selling music biz books, courses, audio products & "How to" resources that helped 1000s. Visit for more info on . Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: