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Business Oooh – project management. Everyone talks about project management but what is it?. Does Systematic organization of small works to fulfill the requirements of big works is project management?. Isnt project management really just a series of events to create some thing, by some point, way off in some hazy future? Not really. Defining projects will give us clear picture about project management. Technically a project is defined as putting all efforts for a fixed time duration in a systematic way for producing a useful product or service. In practical terms, the goal of a project is to meet the requirements of the mission of the project customers. A project is a set of activities to create something that is outside of your day-to-day operations. The deliverable created by a project is always unique. The best example for project is creation and development of software code for a game software. The activities of manufacturing the CDs, marketing and providing technical support to customers are integral part of maintenance and operation Projects have budgets, deadlines, and an agreed set of requirements for the deliverable to be accepted by the customer. The United States of Project Management In my project management seminars I like to say that this point in the room represent our current state; this is where our organization is today. We have some opportunity that wed like to seize. We have some problem that wed like to solve. Or theres technology that has leapfrogged our current equipment so we need to improve our technical attributes. Where we are now is our current state. Then Ill stroll to a distant part of the room. This new location represents where we want our organization to get to. This describes our desired future state. Can you imagine how great our organization would be once we reach this destination? Can you imagination the problem solved, the seized opportunity, or the new technology and how it makes our business better? This spot represent our desired future state. As you know projects are short-term endeavors to create a unique product or service. Projects are out of the normal duties you do as part of your operations. Projects are constrained by time, cost, and scope — and other constraints such as regulations, resources, or even vendors. The Iron Triangle of project management accepted as true in order to provide a basis for logical reasoning is that the time, cost and scope are the constraints for projects. If one angle of the project is out whack the whole project suffers. The five critical project phases or groups are project initiatin, project planning, project exection, project control and project closure. Each process group has key activities that lend to a successful project. Planning is the first most important up to my belief. Improper planning leads to project failure. The fundamental concepts of how to operate projects, different constraints and challenges to be faced by every project manager were discussed in this introduction to project management. On top of this strong foundation there are nine knowledge. For now know this: Project manager without proper ability to lead, manage and motivate team members to accomplish the project in schedule time can never make success of the project. The project plan supports the vision the project manager has inherited from the project stakeholders. There is always possibility to failure of any project, if the vision of future state of the project of project manager and project stake holders is not same. Projects fail at the beginning, not the end. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: