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Jinhua two mother postpartum hemorrhage with the outflow of blood to save himself from the body of the blood flow can be recycled? In the Central Hospital of Jinhua, the autologous blood transfusion technology has benefited more than 2 thousand patients. Ms. Zhang, 32 years old, with the release of the policy of the two children, the couple wanted to conceive with a child of second. Careful care of the family, it is not easy to wait until the child was born, I did not expect the mother after cesarean section due to uterine atony, bleeding. The emergency medical personnel, make a prompt decision, using autologous blood transfusion, her blood recovery, after a total of 2500 ml anticoagulant by special equipment, after filtration and washing treatment, then returned to its own success, infusion of 750 mL of red blood cells, enter only 900 ml of fresh frozen plasma in order to alleviate the danger, in time, the safety of the mother. The Central Hospital anesthesia department director Lan Zhijian told reporters, autologous blood transfusion, is actually the body cavity of a patient blood, blood loss during surgery for special treatment by blood and special equipment recycling, such as filtering out of blood clots, visceral tissues and broken red cells, washing into can be reused by red blood cell transfusion. To the patient. "In many people’s understanding, blood transfusion is usually in their blood, but even the same type of blood, can also cause allergic reactions, such as fever, allergies, decreased immunity, shock and even life-threatening, and increase the risk of infection, especially hepatitis B, hepatitis C, AIDS etc.. But if the patient is their own blood, it will greatly reduce the occurrence of these conditions." Reporters learned that the central hospital has carried out the technology for 5 years, the more than 2 thousand patients benefit, effectively reduce the use of allogeneic blood, reduce blood pressure. In addition to postpartum hemorrhage, rupture of the liver, spleen, brain trauma, heart and large vascular injury, are currently the application of autologous blood transfusion technology. The past two months, the central hospital transfusion volume is the largest, a liver hemangioma rupture, bleeding volume reached more than 6 thousand ml, almost to the most blood loss, thanks to the timely through autologous blood transfusion input more than 3 thousand ml of red blood cells, can be out of danger. According to reports, as long as the patients with blood loss of 400 ml, can autologous blood transfusion, especially for rare blood or blood once with difficulty, can greatly ease may not timely find blood pressure. In the center of the hospital patients requiring transfusion of autologous blood transfusion volume has accounted for about 45% of the total amount of blood transfusion. But there are also some taboos in this, such as the merger of malignant tumors, such as rupture of hollow organs, may be the outflow of blood liquid manure or tumor cell contamination, the blood is not recycled, prevent infection or tumor cell cultivation.相关的主题文章: