Guangdong man for the hospital to see the doctor 3 times to get caught stealing Rong system 姉summer

Guangdong man for the hospital to see the doctor 3 times to get caught stealing system Rong Fuzhou evening news (micro-blog) September 19th news (reporter Ye Zhiqin correspondent Taiwan public declaration) in order to obtain a hospital of Fuzhou doctor system, Guangdong man has three from Shantou to the hospital theft, security was caught. And turned him over to the police station. Yesterday, the Taijiang police announced the case. September 16th at 8 am, Guangdong man Wu from Shantou to Fuzhou by bus. 4 pm the same day, Wu came to Fuzhou, a third hospital. Wu in the hospital’s outpatient building has been staying until 7 p.m. or so, the hospital’s outpatient clinic work, this time with the preparation of a key to open a building on the ground floor of a consulting room in the two. Wu took a U disk to copy the doctor from the doctor’s computer system, from the outside into several security Wu caught and dragged to the police station. After the interrogation, Wu admitted that he is the third time to the hospital to see a doctor because of stealing, the doctor patient information in system, the test results, the prescription, Wu wanted to obtain this information by stealing medical system. According to Wu confession, the first time in July 19th at around 3 in the afternoon, when he opened the door with a lock on the consulting room. Because there was a doctor to work, the same day at 6 pm, when the doctor came to work, he came to the consulting room. Soon, Wu will use U disk to copy the doctor’s medical system. Get a doctor system, Wu immediately returned to the home of Shantou, found on the computer at home has been unable to run, Wu believes that the program may be less. In August 2nd, Wu went to Fuzhou to have the first experience, Wu hundreds of times to this hospital, and in the evening when the last 10 once again into the consulting room, and use U disk to copy the medical system. Wu immediately returned to Shantou to steal the system, but still can not run. Wu is still not discouraged, in September 16th came to Fuzhou again, but I did not expect this was caught in a. Currently, Wu has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. Fuzhou evening news (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: