October Youth Literature published Cao Wenxuan as editor of the Sohu Culture Channel 追踪309

October "Youth Literature" published Cao Wenxuan as editor of the Sohu culture channel newspaper news (reporter Cui Wei) famous literary journal "October", now add a fervent, for children readers of "Youth Literature" in October formally established yesterday, won the Andersen prize for international famous writer Cao Wenxuan served as editor in chief. Beijing Publishing Group Chairman Qiao Bin introduced in October, "Youth Literature" will uphold the "October" pure literary character in narrative works long, cultivate children’s literature original new forces, to fill the gaps in our children’s literature periodical, advocate the real life concerns and reflect the pursuit of elegant and profound artistic conception of literature. Dedicated to the field of children’s literature works and literary heights, with international perspective, the latest in short works set up columns of the introduction of foreign children’s literature writers. Editor Cao Wenxuan wrote in the message editor the first issue: "by October, a seed will harvest, and will again become a seed, but more and more beautiful. They are repeatedly denudation and failed to disappear in the rain, as they once did so full, shiny. We look forward to all the seeds can blossom flowers, all innocent children can grow up healthy." Yesterday, he said at the scene, "Youth Literature" to October under the premise of ensuring children can get the most basic judgment from the reading, cultivate their elegant reading interest, because their reading level is also a country, a society, a nation’s future reading level. Cao Wenxuan also called for: "a good children’s literature, a first-class children’s literature writer is a reader’s life. If an adult is not willing to mention his childhood reading history, then this so-called children’s literature is just some draffy things. I believe that the greatest happiness of a writer of children’s literature lies in the fact that a reader of the year still recalls his work in his later years. This realm is very far away from us, but it should be our yearning. October "Youth Literature" to Chinese writer of children’s literature always tell and reminded of this, we can think of the best, the most ideal text with us, the children into the best and the most ideal reader, this is the October "Youth Literature" mission!" The launch ceremony for the Beijing 10 primary school "small October literature award. Beijing publishing group said, "October youth literature" will be "small October literary society" as a platform, to provide technical guidance for students interested in writing, promotion of good works, while cultivating literary couple, stimulate interest in writing, the prosperity of campus culture, rooted in cultural seeds. It is understood that, "October juvenile literature" experience center public day "will be held in the holy temple at the headquarters of the College of Arts, in October 30th.相关的主题文章: