Lunar July Niansan Jin dharmaraksa translated into party like mud. 爱多vcd

Lunar July Niansan Jin dharmaraksa translated into "party like" mud Huan method for pilgrimage to the west, Luoyang to return to Changan, specializing in translation, said Dunhuang bodhisattva. (source: picture) in August 25, 2016, the 23th day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the Western Jin Dynasty monk dharmaraksa translated into "party like mud". "We like mud" two volumes, Huan, Jin Zhu fahu, is the classic early versions of Nirvana, the equivalent of "Mahaparinirvana scripture" before six. The whole is divided into nine: lamenting the quality first, the Ananda dream, then the law only sigh, people weeping. Four children a second, Oriental good Si Yi Buddha for a world inspection prince, South Gabriel net Buddha for lion elder son, Western empty Buddha for blessing to elder son, North China Buddha for supernatural lion Wang Bing administrations, all students that sit cross legged or say all the time, guide see the buddha. Four children third Buddha Ananda sing four boy de xuan. Have tired goods fourth, four Buddha said to Ananda Buddha but comfort, Ananda, Luo Yunzhu one hundred thousand monks, and told the North five hundred buddha. Fifth degrees of hell, the Buddha of countless light, light is the Buddha said, and put a three photometric hell to trayastrimsa two to permit early fruit, pocket rate card three fruit, three to the Brahma world into the mud. The sixth Buddha, Buddha put light ten party name Buddhas, with countless people into the mud. This will make it up, see also said the smell. Bulguksa net goods seventh, now the world pure and sublime. The same easy brake etc.. Day Bodhisattva. Eighth, the law said that Tian, a verse of lament, the ten party to support with big buddha. As of that ninth, Ananda Buddha verse praising Buddha, first in samadhi, the Buddha said that after quantization, all wins with Samadhi buddha. According to the "energy-saving" records, dharmaraksa in the five years before the July 23rd translation by this. The fifth part is the Mahayana Nirvana five Department of the Ministry, "energy-saving" to "Mahaparinirvana scripture" in forty volumes (Northern Liang Dharmaksema translation), "Mahaparinirvana Sutra translation" after the cremation of two volumes (if the Tang Bhadra, translated, "Ning) the mud". Volume six (Jin Faxian, sleep a total translation) ", such as" mud Huan two volumes (Jin dharmaraksa translation), "four" three volumes (samadhi boy Sui candragupta inspection that translation), "volume five" (the great mercy by Gotsi Bernard Jien Te Jerzy Sh, a total of six law wisdom translation) department, volume fifty-eight, said the Ministry of nirvana. "Yue Jin" in addition to know Tibetan Buddhism in Kaiyuan "recorded" column contained six, plus "Mahaparinirvana scripture" in thirty-six volumes (Liu Songhui Yan to cure, namely "minamimoto Mahaparinirvana Sutra"), "after" a total of Mahayana Fangguang (Sui Pini for support, "economic aspects of translation) study by the" volume (Jin dharmaraksa translation), "the collection" three volumes by all Ford samadhi (Yao Qin, "Kumarajiva translation) in three volumes (" samadhi Sutra Zhongde Jin dharmaraksa translation), "the two volume" Maya (Xiao Qi Tan Jing, "and no translation) to the" six volumes (Northern Liang Dharmaksema translation), "the seven volume" Bodhisattva embryo (Yao Qin Zhufo read, "bardo" translation) by volume two (Yao Qin Zhufo read translation), "Lotus" surface by volume two (translated by Sui Dei Bernard Jien Te Jerzy Sh) ten, a total of sixteen, volume 121. In addition to "Da Zhengcang" written "Fangguang" by the total Mahayana "economic aspects such as the" two, "no charge" to the cloud volume nine (Yao Qin Zhufo read translation), "Buddha Nirvana down slightly preaching.相关的主题文章: