Peter suspected of child abuse investigation had traced on the plane roared hit a child (video) carmex润唇膏

Peter suspected of child abuse investigation had traced roar to fight child [Abstract] according to the U.S. website "TMZ" reported on the plane, Brad · Peter suspected in speech and physical abuse of children, is currently receiving American children and family services (DCFS) survey. Peter and Julie data figure Julie divorce "Aniston Pitt expression package burst of red network Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media" news "reported on September 22nd, the Hollywood couple Brad · (Brad, Pitt); Peter Angelina · Julie (Angelina Jolie) confirmed the divorce, the woman indicated that the reason is" to family health, cause speculation behind the truth. It is pointed out that, Brad · Pitt abuse of children, is the main cause of the breakdown of marriage. According to the United States website TMZ reported that Brad · Pitt suspected of abuse of children in speech and limb, is currently undergoing investigation by the U.S. Department of children and family services (DCFS). That said, he in 14 for being drunk on a private plane crazy for children yelling and hands, and after the plane landed, he continues to talk rubbish, even tried to drive away on the tarmac aircraft refueling vehicle. It is reported that the United States Department of child welfare have been summoned to Brad · and Angelina Julie; Peter · two couples were interviewed, and the next will be with their 6 children to do interviews, to take further investigation, and Angelina is in second days of abuse incidents, filed for a divorce. However, for the abuse, Brad · Peter through acquaintances around refute, said: "he is very important for this matter, he did not give any child speech or physical violence, but unfortunately, someone is doing all it can to discredit him constantly."相关的主题文章: