Jiangsu, a college student to earn tuition 13 workers were admitted to Harvard University stanley博士的家2

Jiangsu college students to earn tuition 13 jobs was admitted to Harvard University every poor students have to grow on the right, as long as you never give up, also can realize the dream and i!" In the lecture halls of Jiangsu University 110 hall, 120 2016 freshmen accepted the temporary difficulties subsidy. In order to encourage them, the school also specially invited professional foreign language graduates Zhang Zhiyong "inspiring elder brother" called "own". 24, the school introduced the "inspirational brother", once the big river poor freshman Zhang Zhiyong, also received similar benefits, but the University for four years, he went to California University as an exchange student at Harvard University in the United States, learning, on the eve of graduation also received the University of California at Los Angeles, Boston University and other five famous international colleges Shuoboliandu admission notice. 21, the payment of the scene. Compared with Taiwan under the poverty students, as an orphan Zhang Zhiyong has more unfortunate childhood, accidental fire in half his face disfigured burn; three years of college entrance examination, repeat two years experience let him taste bitter and bitter. But he eventually entered the Jiangsu University to the county’s first grade, becoming a 2012 level of Chinese students. Because to earn their own tuition, the first year of college, he made a total of 9 out of school part-time, the work of the work of the 4 campus. Zhang Zhiyong told the poor students to grow from a "Mimosa" confident sunshine boy, because he told himself many times: "if you feel far better than others, it will take more time to work, to fight, to fight harder, more people would be lucky." With their own experience, Zhang Zhiyong told the mentees that exchange is not well-off students’ privilege, he through the application of Jiangsu provincial government scholarship, in third went on to the University of Harvard University in California, realize the dream of studying abroad. Not long ago, he successfully won the pre admission notice of Harvard education master, only one step away from the world’s elite schools. "Four years ago I and everyone else, have a poor family, in the vast sea without any recognition. But at Jiangsu University on the fertile soil, as long as you are willing to struggle to work, work hard to irrigate, you can draw their own wonderful!" 120 double face full of confused eyes, Zhang Zhiyong did not hesitate to share their "growth rule". Come to the podium Zhang Zhiyong holding a large pile of books, this is his recently published autobiography "dreams of youth". At the age of four, he spent 3 months writing and publishing his own experiences and insights, and was successfully published under the auspices of the school. In this funding meeting, Zhang Zhiyong admitted that if there is no funding for the community of caring people, there is no love to help his school teacher, he can not go so smoothly this way. Zhang Zhiyong also put the books donated to the poor mentees, encourage them: "I get a recipient". "And I’m really fortunate than seniors, much more difficult, subsidies provided by the school to solve the problems in my life gold short-term, seniors share also encouraged me to create our own glory!" Jiang material college freshman Wang Minling face full of expectations for the future, holding a grant, the heart has a kind of practical, looking at the "youth circle"相关的主题文章: