Before a enter vacation mode three quarterly speculation imminent 音羽かなで

Before the A shares into the vacation model three quarterly speculation imminent [Abstract] tomorrow is National Day, A stock market seems to be ahead of the holiday". Yesterday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city early show opened higher trend, but the afternoon let down the prev 3000 point lose after having got it. Tomorrow is the national day, A shares market seems to leave early". Yesterday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city early show opened higher trend, but the afternoon let down the stock index 3000 points before the funds gradually into the lose after having got it, calm period. Insiders told the express reporter said, if the festival funds rebound, the index is expected to stand, a new explosive plate may be born, but the position is not too high. In addition, the agency pointed out that with the passage of time, the market will gradually enter the three quarterly market speculation, there are already more than 1 thousand and 200 companies to disclose the results of the Quarterly Bulletin of three, the overall performance of partial optimism. Market speculation funds want to move due to the European and American stock market before the trading day rose across the board, yesterday’s stock index opened slightly higher to choose. When opened, the coal stocks are more excellent, then opened the market to Lutianhua trading space on GM stock trading is stopped recently opened new shares of the downturn trend. However, the afternoon market has continued to be strong, long counterattack somewhat subsided, the index remained high and volatile situation, prev 3000 point mark integer in low volume become the biggest lose after having got it, hidden. At the close, the stock index reported 2998.48 points, or up to 0.36%, the total turnover of two yuan in the city of 323 billion 400 million yuan, the atmosphere is very dull atmosphere, both inside and outside the funds are reluctant to toss before the holiday. Disk, coal, petroleum, brokerage and other weight plate gainers, gaosongzhuan, touch screen, Internet, energy and shipping sectors led the airport. From the trend of funds, the two cities main short A shares weakened momentum, net outflow of funds of only $840 million, which seems to have entered a truce state. In the sub sector, brokerage trusts, real estate and other sectors are still the main favorite, the net outflow of the amount of more than 200 million yuan. In contrast, the end of the list, automotive, chemical, electricity and other sectors were the main selling, but the intensity of selling is not large, only a few hundred million yuan net outflow. It is reported that, with the A shares into a brief calm, Shanghai shares through the capital took the opportunity to intervene, the net inflow of 587 million yuan yesterday. Wait and see "before the proposed defense funds increasingly tight market liquidity dried up," one analyst in the Milky Way securities on the express reporter says, hope after the return of funds will be, if not again fall out of low, stable period may come bottoming. Once the index firm, funds will focus attack one of the plates, positions remained at around 50% is more secure. For short-term stock operations, stop is essential, in the bear market should be narrowed stop point, usually 3 to 5 points. For the short-term market trend, Founder Securities analysts believe that the central bank before the tightening of liquidity, the property market is still high fever, and after joining SDR brings the trend of RMB during the holiday market uncertainty and surrounding variables that restrict the upward before the A stock market space. But the funds to support the market, but also suppressed the short-term high.相关的主题文章: