Swordsman to Longmen escort claims 240 million carmex润唇膏

"Swordsman" to "Longmen escort" claims 240 million "swordsman" "Longmen" after each film escort intern reporter Bai Yun drama "swordsman" since January 2006 in the central eight after the broadcast, all kinds of nonsensical lines, gave the young we provide a lot of joy, smile and smile can make you think life. When Guo Furong sold for twenty years to Tong Xiangyu, the shopkeeper Tong to comfort her: twenty years quickly, pronto. Yeah, it’s been ten years. Ten years is not too long, but long enough to make us sigh no more. Guo Tong treasurer Sishibaliangqi owed money, still have ten years to end. You should soon get married, did not know she didn’t become a fiend in human shape? Warriors and six have all right, don’t know Paul forget Whelan? This film, by screenwriter Ning Caishen Shang Jing of "swordsman" in the watercress score up to 9.1 points, to 80, a lot of 90, which is not only an outstanding costume comedy so simple, it is a part of "youth memories kill", the piece is simply mouth to come. In 2013, another work, "Ning Caishen of Longmen" screenwriter biaoju Oriental TV, also in the four major TV hit. Two familiar with the audience knows, "Longmen escort" and "Wulin" relationship between the characters is cut and chaotic". Unexpectedly, the 10 years of broadcast in the "swordsman", "swordsman" copyright square, actually will be "8" Longmen escort joint investment Chupin to court, claims for a total amount of up to 240 million yuan, the reason is "propaganda infringe the interests of the plaintiff". Recently, the contemporary Oriental Investment Limited by Share Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dongyang Meng Wei TV Culture Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Meng Wei"), received from the Beijing Union Film Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Beijing union pictures") "a lawsuit". Currently, the Beijing intellectual property court has accepted the above proceedings, and is scheduled for trial in October 12th. "Swordsman" cited disputes there are precedents alliance film has awarded nearly 5 million Beijing union pictures as the TV series "swordsman" copyright square, in the TV series "Longmen escort" 8 defendants jointly invest in the publicity produced by infringing the interests of the plaintiff, to the Beijing intellectual property court unfair competition lawsuit. Requires the defendant jointly and severally liable for the plaintiff’s economic losses of 30 million yuan, a reasonable expenditure of $10 thousand, a total of 30 million 10 thousand yuan, the cost of litigation by the defendant. In fact, this is not the first time Beijing union pictures because "swordsman" launched lawsuits. In early 2013, the Beijing union pictures chairman Hao Yaning as the movie "swordsman" one of the investors, because the investment cooperation and return the movie "swordsman" into matters, sued the Film Group Corp’s Chinese production company, claims nearly 100 million. The case for three years, finally in June this year, the Beijing intermediate people’s court ruling, the Beijing union awarded nearly 5 million pictures. )相关的主题文章: