Two men for 20 yuan a person strike violently half an ear was cut off (video) 魔界骑士イングリッド

Two men for 20 yuan a person strike violently half an ear cut off the newspaper news (chief reporter Xie Bin) two people in a labor market for migrant workers, and the village people, but 20 yuan because of a dispute, two people strike violently were injured. The scene of the incident besmeared with blood yesterday morning, reporters rushed to the eastern suburbs of Xi’an near the half way, also can be seen on the ground with blood. According to a witness said the incident yesterday morning at about 9, a dispute is two men, was in a near half way of labor market activity, the reason seems because the labor dispute disagreement. "I don’t see two people fight, but walking, a man lying on the ground, head and ears are bleeding, the scene of the police for the injured umbrella rain." The witness told reporters that he only saw the injured. Another witness told reporters that the man cut off when he was injured, but the injury does not seem too serious. 20 yuan labor dispute subsequently, the reporters came to the injured admitted to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Medical University. Learned from the doctor, the injured surnamed Liu, 40 year old, who had multiple wounds, has finished the inspection and debridement, are resuscitation room infusion. In the emergency room door, the reporter saw the injured cousin Liu, according to him, the master of the most serious injuries in the back of the ears and hands, about half of the ear was cut off. The man who cut about 30 years old, with Master Liu live in white deer, or village people. At that time, two people working for a boss, settled wages for 20 yuan fee and master Liu dispute, and chopped. The reporter from the police red police learned that two people at that time is 20 yuan service fee from the dispute. At present, the police are working with the families to track down those who cut. Note: video only for extended reading. The woman for 10 yuan compensation 26 thousand yuan each strike violently相关的主题文章: