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State finance limited withdrawals CEO home platform suspected their own standard for their own State Finance announced restrictions on withdrawals, CEO Wang Jianzhang home, depository bank cooperation to keep silent. Previously, the platform is refers to their own standard to create the illusion of their own investment. The company had many questions. As the net loan platform in the old brand, state finance under the Shanghai state financial information service Co. Ltd. in September 26, 2013 on-line operations. The date is over 3 years, in September 20th this year, state finance an emergency open letter, proposed to limit withdrawals, let the investors suddenly tense. The open letter said, "Wen Zheng (state finance co founder and shareholder) personal reasons" investors suffered large-scale run on the platform under pressure, thus limiting withdrawals in September 14th after midnight. According to a person close to the state finance insider told the "investor" reporter, now state finance company is still in the normal work, investors have come to discuss that day. He also confirmed the current predicament is the struggle within the company caused by the company, the main founder of the company, the company is CEO Wang Jianzhang has run away. "Investor" reporters on the above information to the state finance official confirmation, interviews and investors are concerned about the company’s current strength and clear payment scheme. A state finance executives said, all the answers to be issued in the chairman and other leaders agreed after. Unfortunately, the reporter finally did not receive the company a word or two. To collect 450 million yuan of state finance public information, the registered capital of 50 million yuan, the risk reserve fund of 5 million yuan, the project in the period of more than 6 months, the expected rate of return of 10%~15%, asset mortgage and personal credit standard two, mainly in the real estate mortgage debt as the goal. As of September 22nd, the platform turnover of over 5 billion 200 million yuan, more than 180 thousand investors. The limit of withdrawals, many investors were trapped temporarily unknown. But according to informed sources, the rights of investors eager to state finance will be scheduled for September 22nd at 9 in the morning that investors will advance to the 8:30 meeting. The same day, state finance official confirmation, as of September 22nd, state finance funds to be received 450 million yuan, of which, 246 million yuan of consumer credit inclusive subject, 200 million yuan in Shanghai real estate mortgage, the mortgage subject involves 111 copies of creditor’s rights. The latest survey of housing property, the audience of investors in September 28th to 30 to the state finance company view, the latest situation will update on the official website. In addition, in August 22, 2016 ~9 month 19 days, received a total of 120 million yuan of state finance investors to cash application, as of September 20th, state finance has completed the online play 1 million yuan. For this statement, investors require financial verification, the transfer of the financial department, the breakdown of water during this period, the per capita investment "to confirm the emergency open letter said no false". The investor also checks the state finance 4 large real estate mortgage marked fine, Yu Garden hotel to borrow 31 million yuan, Gongmou borrowing 27 million 370 thousand yuan, Yang and Zhang borrow 10 million yuan, Yemou two loans.相关的主题文章: