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Zhijiang water area of Yangtze River cargo ship sank 4 people were rescued 2 people missing in the original title: Zhijiang section of the Yangtze River waters of a cargo ship sank 4 people were rescued 2 people missing in the new network in Yichang in February 20, (Dong Xiaobin Guo Xiaoying Zhi Xuan) according to the government of Zhijiang City in Hubei Province, February 20th at 4 pm, Jingzhou Hubei 0016 cargo ship in the Zhijiang section of the Yangtze River estuary the waters capsized, drowning all 6 people on board, currently 4 people were rescued 2 people missing. After the accident, the local government departments immediately launched contingency plans to organize the search and rescue work. Hubei provincial Party committee, Yichang municipal Party committee secretary Huang Chuping instructions: "attention, search and rescue efforts, the Zhijiang municipal Party Committee Secretary Xu Zhi Hua, mayor Liu Fenglei rushed to the site to direct rescue work. As of February 20th 6, more than 6 people fell in 4 people were rescued, including 1 minor injuries, has been sent to Zhijiang City People’s Hospital, another 3 people in good condition. At present, more departments are in search of another 2 people who lost contact with the water. The cause of the accident is under investigation. According to site personnel, the wreck cargo ship is about 500 tons, and is engaged in sand dragging in the Zhijiang section of the Yangtze River basin. (Editor): editor in chief: SN226

长江枝江段水域货船沉没 4人获救2人失踪   原标题:长江枝江段水域一货船沉没 4人获救2人失踪   中新网宜昌2月20日电 (董晓斌 郭晓莹 枝宣)据湖北省枝江市政府消息,2月20日凌晨4时许,鄂荆州货0016货船在长江枝江段江口水域翻沉,船上6人全部落水,目前4人获救2人失踪。   事故发生后,当地政府多部门立即启动应急预案,全力组织搜救工作。湖北省委常委、宜昌市委书记黄楚平批示:“高度重视、全力搜救”,枝江市委书记许志华、市长刘丰雷等第一时间赶赴现场指挥搜救工作。   截至2月20日6时左右,6名落水人员中已有4人获救,其中1人轻微伤,已被送往枝江市人民医院救治,另外3人状态良好。   目前,多部门正在对另外落水失联的2人进一步搜救中。事故原因正在调查之中。   据现场人员介绍,失事货船约500吨级,在长江流域枝江段从事拖沙业务。(完) 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: