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About 10 North theater debut people from 32 years is the son of lieutenant – Sohu military channel first page: the northern theater 10 Bingwang [click the picture to the next page] North theater 10 "bingwang". In the army information construction, sergeants played a main force and vanguard role, they are in the army of the people’s army is the elite, the backbone of iron and steel. The sergeant is direct operator of information equipment, is a key component in the future battlefield charge into the enemy ranks. In a sense, the future war is largely "war officer". At present, non commissioned officers in the grass-roots units accounted for more than 50% of the total number of troops, some high technology forces even as high as 80%. Many officers in an important position, plays a key role in training and education, daily management, technical support, carry out tasks. The sergeant ranks a rank of so many soldiers to catch up and secretly admire, that is a sergeant. Man only to dash about in a battlefield, jingwu. It can be said, a sergeant, is China people’s Liberation Army soldiers in the peak, and is the "ashes" figure. They were soldiers in the "general" is the cornerstone of the army monument, the soldiers in mind the real "King", is the force in all areas of "expert" and "Master" montana". They do not forget the beginning of the heart, the difficulties, a few years in their own position, with a very touching story of the ordinary and the interpretation of the value and role of soldiers. They are worthy of the title, "soldier king Yu Jun in the backbone of the deserved reputation, their names will be engraved in the monument in the army! They have extraordinary skills and extraordinary skill, master one or more skills. "There is no diamond, do not embrace porcelain live." Then, a sergeant in the end how much cattle? Let us walk into their world, feel their growth experience, to see their style. Page second: sergeant Pei Deshan [click the picture to the next page] MCPO Pei Deshan. A sergeant Pei Deshan: to the general teaching fellow research so that thousands of chariots from [introduction] characters dash about in a battlefield Pei Deshan, born in August 1969, Jiaohe City, Jilin Province, in March 1989 the army, the northern army armored brigade advanced equipment repair technician, a sergeant rank. His skills cover all 12 disciplines of electrical, fire control, chassis and other armor repair. The army for 28 years, repair tanks and armored vehicles more than 1100 units (Times), troubleshooting of more than 30 thousand officers and soldiers were affectionately known as the "armored doctor". Awarded the "outstanding officer", "army sergeant Talent Award; by the Shenyang military region of the original tree as a" talented pacesetter "equipment technical sergeant talents pacesetter", and "Lei Feng won the gold medal"; was awarded a class 1, two class 2, three. 2 times. [Army] story he was known as "the doctor", but do not have to wear a stethoscope, never took the knife. He was holding a multimeter, wrenches, pliers, so that thousands of Taiwan or "lying in battle", or "qiruoyousi" armored vehicles to rumble and go into battle, but "king of the Marines".相关的主题文章: