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About? The Olympic Star articles bringing national football veteran " " happy playground; officially set sail – Sohu   " " public lottery happy playground activities; you want to set sail in November 8th and the London Olympic bronze medalist Dai Xiaoxiang field archery competition? You want to let the football veteran Jihai Sun will teach you how to dribble " "? Beijing, Tongzhou District art primary school more than 500 students lucky, in November 8th, they will usher in these sports stars, live interactive, happy to play. The same day, sponsored jointly set up by the National Lottery Fund Leshan " Sports General Administration of sports lottery management center and the national sports foundation; public welfare lottery happy playground " activity launching ceremony will be held in Beijing, and launched the first donation, then, will push to 31 provinces (autonomous regions) of the 670 schools winter is coming, in the season, in the country set off a wave of wave motion. The star for the public to help out the 6 live interactive community lottery happy playground " " is a public welfare activities, the State General Administration of Sports Management Center since 2012 launch. " application selection of this year’s school, in fact, from June 8th started, " the National Lottery Center staff, " the main choice of poverty, remote and national characteristics, city left-behind children school and community rehabilitation school for disabled children, the number of students more focus on screening, the conditions of the school, sent to sports equipment and public physical education for them. " after the enrollment selection work is over, the National Lottery Center said, the implementation of activities, will be in the country at least 6 provinces to carry out on-site donation, then, the Olympic champion, sports star sports celebrities will be invited, back to the scene, interact with the opposite children, let the children feel the charm of sports field. In all activities, Olympic diving champion Wang Feng, weightlifting champion Lu Yong, Hou Yuzhu, winner of the gold medal in the women’s volleyball national football team, former striker Xu Yang, Yang Pu and other sports stars have appeared in the figure, around the " " on the playground; happiness. It is reported that, in November 8th, the launching ceremony of Beijing, the national veteran Jihai Sun, the London Olympic Games archery bronze medalist Dai Xiaoxiang will appear, to convey physical knowledge to the children, and fun interactive games. So, the next event will also have what star names " " gradually appeared? And let us wait and see. About? With the Olympic Star national football veteran bringing happy playground " "   set sail; weightlifting champion Lu Yong fund to help upgrade the " happy "; donation amount will be the sum over the years according to the National Lottery Center said, in 4 years, " public welfare lottery happy playground " has been in over 20 provinces (autonomous regions). 1800 schools, while the 2016 event will be fully upgraded, either.相关的主题文章: