Anhui public hospital from November to implement the drug two vote system for the first time in the msvbvm60.dll

The November Anhui public hospital drug since the implementation of "two votes" for the first time according to the Department of national news, from production to circulation and from the circulation to the medical institutions to open a invoice, the price of water out of the circulation of medicines for two invoice, is the implementation of the "two votes" was considered a key and high the price". Recently, the Anhui provincial food and drug administration, the Provincial Planning Commission and other six departments jointly issued the opinions, the province’s public medical institutions and drug procurement in November the implementation of "two votes", for the first time in the country. What is the significance of the new deal will bring what changes? To this end, the reporter interviewed the relevant departments. "Two votes" compression intermediate links, reducing the high price of drug procurement system of "two votes" is required to open an invoice to the delivery unit, a delivery unit of the invoice to the terminal, the middle of a total of two value-added tax invoices, reducing circulation layers increases. Anhui provincial food and Drug Administration drug cosmetics circulation supervision department director Mi Huayang said that the implementation of the views of the introduction is to thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the provincial government major decisions and plans on deepening the health care reform. Our province to implement the "two votes" as the starting point, continue to deepen the reform in the field of drug circulation. In April this year, the State Council issued the deepening of the reform of the medical and health system in 2016 focused on the task, a clear list of tasks in the health care reform in 2016. To improve the drug supply security mechanism, and comprehensively promote the centralized procurement of drugs in public hospitals, clearly put forward the optimization order for medicines, compressed circulation, comprehensive reform pilot provinces to carry out "two votes in the province". The introduction of the implementation of the province’s opinion, which means that the national two vote system deployed in Anhui landing. The implementation of the new regulations in the pharmaceutical industry or face "reshuffle" in the face of the forthcoming implementation of the new regulations, many industry insiders said that this will lead to severe vibration of the pharmaceutical industry – ticket system period, the more the price of medicines, clinical promotion to do the more fierce, hospitals and doctors tend to choose such varieties. The two vote system cut off the layers of the sales chain, the space is compressed clinical rebates, drug sales mainly rely on quality, price competition. Facing the transformation of drugs, sales enterprises are facing the whole industry shocks. The system of "two votes" is not "across the board" epidemic emergencies is not limited in accordance with the Anhui provincial drug procurement system of "two votes" regulations, pharmaceutical production enterprises can be self drug distribution to the public medical institutions, may also entrust the distribution of medicine pharmaceutical enterprises; drug production enterprises will be drug sales to pharmaceutical enterprises, pharmaceutical trading enterprises should sell directly to the public medical institutions. Pharmaceutical enterprises will drug sales in remote mountainous areas grassroots public medical institutions, allowing based on "two votes" on another drug sales invoice, to guarantee the effective supply of basic drugs. Pharmaceutical enterprises should implement the distribution in provincial food and drug administration department; pharmaceutical enterprises will be drug sales to the public medical institutions, to the public medical institutions to provide pharmaceutical production enterprise sales invoice copy (with the official seal of the original seal of pharmaceutical trading enterprises). The occurrence of disaster, epidemic situation, major accidents, such as sudden.相关的主题文章: