At the tomb Sun Jian research for Gaoling will be built in Nanjing, Soochow Museum

At the tomb Sun Jian research for "Gaoling" will be built in Nanjing Soochow Museum Dianxun intersection of Nanjing is known as "the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties", generally the first dynasty of the "Six Dynasties" is the period of the Three Kingdoms Wu regime. In October 8th, the intersection of a reporter from the Nanjing Jiangning high tech park was informed that: in order to protect Jiangning and to build on the square Tomb of Soochow Soochow museum is about to start construction, and is expected to be completed next year open. It will become the first to Soochow historical culture as the theme of the site museum in Jiangsu. With the museum construction, people on the square at the tomb, at present in our country the largest and most complex structure of the tomb, the tomb of the Soochow identity also increasingly curious. Recently, a visiting fellow at the Nanjing University of cultural and natural heritage by Wang Ningbang in the academic journal put forward new ideas, think on the tomb of Wu Fang Wu is "Gaoling", the tomb of the emperor Sun Quan the father of Sun Jian and Wu two lady. The museum is expected to be completed next year to open it is understood that the upcoming construction of Soochow museum is the Nanjing city cultural heritage protection project. The museum is located in Jiangning on the square at the tomb near the site, planning a total land area of about 300 acres, will create a set of Soochow Museum, site body, as one of the Six Dynasties archaeological ruins park project. Project construction side said: in favor of true and complete protection on the square at the tomb of all historical information and cultural value of the museum’s construction; is conducive to the rational use and fully demonstrate its cultural value and connotation; is also conducive to the promotion of local cultural heritage protection and economic and social development to maintain a harmonious relationship. At present, the museum has completed the planning and design of the project, is about to start. According to reports, the museum will be built first in the history of Soochow culture as the theme of the site museum in Jiangsu, will also be the first on the Nanjing area in the Six Dynasties period important burial sites and the construction of Soochow Museum of history and culture. Is expected to be completed next year after the opening will be on the north side of the Qinglong mountain country park, South Mountain Scenic Area, willow lake scenic area, Jiangning along the central region formed around the highway a new cultural tourism name card. The mysterious Wu tomb, the tomb of identity has not been determined, the reporter interviewed Nanjing University doctor of literature history postdoctoral Mr. Wang Ningbang learned: 2005 unearthed in Jiangning on the square at the grave tomb, 21.5 meters long, 14.4 meters wide, 2013 was approved by the State Council announced the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units "". On the square at tomb unearthed soon caused a sensation, but the identity of the tomb has been inconclusive. Wu tomb has unearthed a new green porcelain shape, unprecedented Six Dynasties in the archaeology of more than 20 pieces of celadon tomb figures, people still face tiles in recent years outside Nanjing Jiankang ruins of the capital of the Six Dynasties tomb archaeological discovered first 26 pieces of exquisite patterns. But because of the tomb of history has repeatedly stolen, not directly related to the identity of the owner of the text information found in archaeological excavation, leading to the owner’s identity has been difficult. Experts and scholars only by starting from the tombs, funerary objects unearthed tiles, etc., the investigation into the identity of the tomb. As we all know, the east Wu calendar 52 years, a total of Sun Quan, Sun Liang, Sun Xiu, Sun Hao, the emperor of the four. So, who is the owner of the tomb of the tomb of Wu Fang? The problem study.相关的主题文章: