Car insurance every year to teach you how to buy can not afford to lose (video) noiseware

Have to buy car insurance every year to teach you how to buy insurance when the insured can not lose how many consumers for the concept of insurance is still relatively vague, in the purchase of new car insurance tend to blindly follow the 4S shop, the lack of assertive, even appear to be "slaughter" phenomenon! Auto insurance must pay high insurance and additional insurance different. In the purchase of insurance for the car, how do we choose? This insurance bought no loss 1, compulsory insurance insurance is imposed by the state, when the vehicle accident, compensation object is a party, and the amount of compensation is limited to a maximum of 122 thousand yuan. 2, the third commercial liability insurance this insurance is a strong insurance supplement, payment is also the object of others. In the accident, if the amount of compensation exceeds the limit of strong insurance coverage, the insurance company is responsible for compensation. 3, vehicle damage insurance and the first two biggest difference is that the vehicle damage insurance payment object is the insured, that is, their own! When an accident occurs, in addition to natural disasters caused by the earthquake damage to the vehicle, the vehicle damage insurance can give us the appropriate compensation. There are a lot of car damage insurance is not guaranteed, for example: vehicle ignition, broken glass alone, and the vehicle body scratch, soaking and re ignition of engine damage caused by other owners. Want to save money, these can be seen as the case to buy: 1, scratch if you scratch the car paint no obvious traces of collision, car damage insurance is not paid, then scratch insurance will play a role. But in the public security, parking environment better place, this insurance can not buy. 2, auto insurance if the vehicle is still within the warranty period, the occurrence of spontaneous combustion by the manufacturer is responsible, attention is not in the premise of the original car without the transformation of the circuit. If you buy the warranty period of spontaneous combustion risk, the equivalent of repeated insurance. 3, this is a wading insurance for additional insurance engine. If the vehicle engine damage caused by flooding, the owner of the car again at ignition, car damage insurance does not pay, but wading insurance can compensate. 4, regardless of the claim that the compensation is not in full compensation, if there is no deductible insurance, in the event of an accident, can be responsible for their own responsibility of 5% to 20%, and then passed on to the insurance company. In addition, suspended glass insurance insurance, pilfer, insurance of seats can be considered their own situation to buy insurance, not the more the better, to spend money "blade", of course, you can ignore the nouveau riche…… The minimum cost of insurance is to pay the purchase of insurance + third party liability insurance, and the most basic is to pay a strong insurance + + + + + + + + + + Third Liability Insurance + vehicle damage insurance. As for other additional risks, can be determined according to their specific circumstances. How to buy car insurance? Purchase insurance, mainly through the 4S store, the insurance company business hall, the insurance company’s official website and telephone purchase. In the 4S shop to buy the highest cost, because you know! While the other 3 ways are directly affected by their own benefits, such as some concessions, relatively save a little money. The level of the cost of renewal, and last year the number and amount of claims related to danger. According to the regulations, as long as the owners within a year without any violations and accidents and claims matters, in the second year renewal can enjoy compulsory insurance, commercial insurance fees by treatment, but also by the insurance company listed as clients, and enjoy preferential car insurance services.!相关的主题文章: