China’s cultural and artistic consumption from the Art Fair whereisip

China’s cultural and artistic consumption from the Art Fair: Huang Juan Li Yuexin Chen Guangqi from the original title: art culture art consumption during the first half of 2016 economic data show that in the three major demands of stimulating economic growth, final consumption expenditure to the economic growth contribution rate is 73.4%, an increase of 13.2 percentage points over the same period last year. The contribution of consumption in ascension. Although China’s economy is facing downward pressure, but consumption is still growing steadily. Foster cultural and artistic consumption has become a new economic growth point and new support for economic transformation and upgrading, to promote the upgrading of consumption, it is meaningful. In 2016, the "art Beijing" Expo has gone through 11 years and has become an influential art fair in China and asia. In 2016 the "51" during the study of art teachers and the Renmin University of China finance ten by cultural and artistic consumption "as the theme of the" Beijing art "exhibition of art gallery and art supply – demand – visitors, random sampling questionnaire, respectively achieved 87 and 500 effective questionnaires, 87 galleries China in 71%. Based on the investigation of the characteristics of cultural and artistic consumption. Have knowledge of young people are the main concern in 2016 the "Beijing art" exhibition tickets for 100 yuan, setting the threshold to a great extent to watch the people excluded, visitors basically are interested in art group. In 2016 the "Beijing art" exhibition in three and a half days attracted 95 thousand visitors. Although there is a distance between the visit and purchase, but it can be seen that people’s enthusiasm for the art market is getting higher and higher, the purchase of art from the beginning of interest, first concern, and then consumption. The consumption of culture and art is closely related to the development of economy and the level of education, and the consumption of culture and art is the spiritual demand under the premise of satisfying the basic needs of people. Survey shows that visitors for undergraduate and bachelor’s degree accounted for up to 89%, you can see the overall level of education of art audience groups higher. Generally speaking, the higher the education level, the more open the field of vision, spiritual needs will increase with the. Visitors under the age of 40 accounted for up to 86%. Art consumption is a fashion life style. 70, after 80, 90 young people born in China’s reform and opening up, the pursuit of higher quality of life and fun. They are more simple in concept, self and open, more inclined to personal aesthetic taste, like to buy with their living environment is closer to the work of contemporary young artists. Compared to the same period in 2014, our survey results show that the art of Beijing, along with the Internet, especially the mobile Internet penetration, the penetration rate of art online transactions increased significantly. By 2014, only 16% visits in the gallery opened online trading services, and by 2016, nearly 30% of the gallery can be sold online, in total nearly doubled growth ratio, up to 91% of the gallery of art consumption optimistic about market prospects. Differences in supply and demand structure.相关的主题文章: