Chinese man suspected of money laundering investigation in the United States and Australia had bet 4 zznba

In the United States and Australia money laundering investigation had 4 billion 200 million yuan to gamble – Sohu News Reference News Network reported on September 19th Hong Kong media said a man suspected of China, Australia Chinese from mainland Chinese man surnamed Kim, from 2005 to 2013 years in the Australian Crown Casino Gambling 850 million Australian dollars (about 4 billion 200 million yuan — the note), suspected of participation large scale illegal money laundering activities in the United States, Australia, Macao and Singapore, America and Australia by police investigation. Hongkong "Oriental Daily" website reported on September 19th, Australia was surnamed Jin amount of gambling law enforcement agencies described as "astronomical". It is reported that the man surnamed Kim since 2010, a number of different passport at the casino, in exchange for more than $140 million in Casino (about 700 million yuan — the note). According to the Supreme Court documents show that the man surnamed Kim repeatedly from Singapore to transfer funds to Australia and the United States is the Australian Crown Casino Gambling, won 17 million Australian dollars (about 8545 yuan — the note). The man surnamed Kim claimed that he China earn a basic salary plus bonuses and stock totaling $300 thousand (about 2 million yuan — the note), but he did not submit the relevant evidence to the court. The court held that the amount of gambling man surnamed Kim and the income gap is too large, questioned how he got so much money in gambling. The man surnamed Kim and his wife hasn’t been charged with a criminal offence, his wife recently petitioned the Supreme Court of Australia to cancel them in millions of dollars in American luxury restrictions. The court to the mansion may be two people use money laundering funds for the purchase of the grounds, reject the application.相关的主题文章: