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Da mage: before it was reborn in the western half believe and half doubt can be reborn in the western half believe and half doubt people: do patients before Amitabha can take him half believe and half doubt, West? After the death of children please master refuge for him, he can go with? Master: the patient before he could less suspicious half believe and half doubt, letter, he did not wish to hold the good faith, is hard to die. "Buddha said that no amount of life," said the edge of the city there is such a situation. To the edge of suspected people and have suspected Xiabei side of the city — that is because a person (Buddha pedestrian) may hold a letter once day and night time, and then he will turn back halfway, regret, don’t believe, even good karma all don’t believe. Although he does not believe that the land is very suspicious, turn back, but also can read them. Such beings are evil to Lin Mingzhong, according to its own causality to the three evil, but because he had a letter to Buddha Day and night time, Amitabha again at this time to help him, to the authority of God wants to force in their dream show now, let him see. The man got an idea after seeing a repentant heart: Oh, there is Amitabha, there is Elysian Fields, if I did not turn back, the good ah, now I continue to read! So he picked up the original letter to Buddha, in this case, he can be born. This man died after birth to the edge of the city is suspected. So you have to look at this patient has no such conditions, if not, then even the edge of the city have no doubt, not to mention to the west, it is impossible. About after the death of the dead do pray, if not to see his evil, the pursuit of Tianfu newspapers these heart does not drop, so do these little relatives is for him, it is impossible to let him go to the western Elysian Fields.相关的主题文章: