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Dalian primary and secondary school uniform Union standards issued higher than the national standard in yesterday’s Dalian Clothing Fair, the Dalian primary and secondary school uniforms, the Union standard officially released. Dalian’s 600 thousand primary and secondary school uniforms in the future there will be a new standard, the Union has more than the national standard indicators of the national standard, the country’s most stringent school uniform standards for the 21. Vice mayor Wen Xueqiong attended the meeting. Reporters learned that the school is called "students" second skin ", compared to students in school uniform national standards revised in June 1, 2015, the alliance standard more perfect in terms of safety, comfort, durability, appearance quality and detection method, but also will be stricter than the" standard "is equivalent to the uniform" insurance". Dean Pan Li as one of the standard drafting unit of the Dalian Institute of clothing technology, first in security, 3 indicators of the standard increased the sensitizing dye, adjacent benzene two formic acid ester, lead content requirements, in line with international laws and regulations, to ensure the safety of uniforms. Secondly, in terms of comfort, primary and secondary school uniforms used fabrics containing more chemical composition, permeability and comfort is poor. The standard of the cotton fiber content increased from 35% to 50%, while increasing the air permeability and antistatic property of the 3 indicators, to ensure uniform products have a certain degree of comfort. Again, is durability. The past students in school uniform easy to crimp, combined with the new standard for using uniform population characteristics of primary and middle school students, increase mutual stitching color fastness, tear strength and abrasion resistance of the 3 indicators of the requirements, improve the durability of uniforms. In addition, the appearance quality of school uniforms, school uniforms for the parents generally size is too large, easy to wrinkle, more thread, combined with the new standard features of sewing uniforms, increase the size deviation, stitch density, seam 4 projects, to ensure the performance and quality of the overall concept of school uniforms. In the detection method, based on national standards and industry standards, on the other hand, in the new security project testing methods on the rational use of advanced countries, the mature testing standards, and international standards. It is reported that, during the year, the city will have 40 small and medium garment enterprises to join the school uniform standards, next year will reach hundreds, the formation of a new industrial chain. Hou Lingling, associate professor of the College of Dalian Clothing Industrial University said: "such as uniform fabric composition and fabrication process is more precise, uniform standard to do more detailed, primary and secondary schools of uniform demand, university inside his gown, clothing, clothing, master, not only the Dalian domestic colleges and universities have been aware of, you need to a new image to meet the new demands of social development." The development of this new "primary and secondary school students in Dalian school" Union standards, not only higher than the implementation of the national standard, but also from many aspects of the unified standard of primary and middle school students in uniform standard system, will enhance the city’s primary and secondary school uniform quality, completely change the pupils in the dress image, not only to meet the needs of students. To meet the market demand, but also reflects the characteristics of Dalian. The adoption and use of the standard, will make Dalian’s primary and secondary school uniforms, northeast, and even the country’s primary and secondary school uniforms benchmark.相关的主题文章: