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David SMG: a ball low water deficit cut Karabakh home court Thursday 002  Karabakh VS IFK Goteborg Karabakh is the Azerbaijan team, the league and the level of fame is far better than Goteborg’s Swedish super league. The first leg, Karabakh away to the chupan hemisphere, although the final disk drop back to deuce disc, but eventually Goteborg won 1-0, defeated Karabakh in a direct confrontation, nature is hard to win the trust of betting. The Asian plate Karabakh let a ball low water. Although Karabakh lost the first leg, but the second leg is let out half chupan low water, very tend to the home team, and on the spot and compensate the Lord – plate water level is constantly lowered, successfully raising disc ball ultra low water, this is obviously not in conformity with the judgment of the strength of the two teams. But from the first round of data analysis, Goteborg scored only 4 shots, and Karabakh are 15, the ball rate is as high as 69%, away overwhelmingly, apparently unable to contrast the two teams and league level hook. Is expected to be cut in the Karabakh home court comeback victory. SMG Shengping Fu played SMG recommended: – let the ball Shengping Fu play recommended: found score recommended: 3-0 recommended more spot please pay attention to Sina micro-blog David analysis相关的主题文章: