Decoration to avoid these eye in order to avoid regret verbal jint

Decoration to avoid these "leakage" eye in order to avoid regret [Chu introduction] Home Furnishing had experience in construction decoration owners, often encounter such a situation: the completion of the construction project, no problem looks decoration on the surface, but once after acceptance, or stay in a small period of time, but found that there are many projects "leaky eyes", such as latex paint off, not smooth, cracking and so on slot line. According to industry analysis, the main problems and the renovation process is not in place, the construction is not standardized. To avoid these problems, the removal of hidden dangers in advance, we should supervise the construction side of the strict norms of construction, blocking a number of "leakage"". The basement construction brushed the wall to repair the wall must be heavy brush again otherwise there will be color "construction before brushing latex paint, paving tile, substrate processing must do the wall or ground. For a new house, substrate processing usually require only coarse sandpaper can be used, no need to eradicate the original paint layer; while the ordinary old house wall, you need to put the original paint out before they can proceed to the next step." Senior Project Manager of a home improvement company master Xie said that some decoration workers, the owners know what the construction in this respect, Jerry, the consequences of this light would cause metope is not smooth, besmear brushs emulsioni paint color; heavy color emulsioni paint, cracks or peeling, or tile paste is not strong phenomenon. Master Xie said that in the shop floor tile of construction, we should not direct attention to the tile shop in lime mortar, lime and lime slurry and latex paint on the surface, but to deal with the grassroots face clean after being laid. The bond between the ceramic tile and the substrate, should be strictly in accordance with the construction standards and the proportion of deployment, the use of the provisions of cement, cement, can not be deployed. In populations Rujiaoqi, attention must be paid to the wall surface putty scraping is uniform, smooth, polished and Guntu is in place. In addition, we should pay attention to whether the appropriate proportion of latex paint, there is no excessive water. It is understood that the latex paint is currently the most common wall decoration materials, in the specific construction can be painted, roll coating or spray, paint generally need to paint more than two times to be qualified. If workers at work is not serious or do things carelessly, often there will be color, especially the darker emulsioni paint will appear this kind of problem. Latex paint in the use of the need to add a certain amount of water before the deployment of a good latex paint to run out of the same color paint is also the best time to finish brushing. If the wall after the construction needs to be repaired, it is necessary to re paint the entire wall again. Don’t let the workers take the water pipes when the garbage sewer blockage, days after use so as to avoid problems such as poor "owners often have complained that, after the completion of the renovation at home kitchen and toilet water is not smooth." Engaged in nearly 20 years of water and electricity transformation of the master of the flood, the emergence of the pipeline clogging problem in the home, in fact, in the construction of the team management is not standardized. For the sake of easy, some workers may be broken concrete containing a large amount of cement and sand directly into the sewer, thus causing sewer after the poor. Master Hung said that the owners in.相关的主题文章: