DIY column origami paper wild roses blooming for you sopor aeternus

DIY column: origami paper wild roses blooming for you         happy life here contains columns, floral, painting, delicacy and handicraft, and life related content. Relax, it’s a place where you can enjoy your life. I firmly believe that the paper itself is derived from plants, and plants as natural and simple, is the most suitable for the simulation of the production of materials. ?? You see, a picture of colorful paper, the root of a thick or thin wire, after processing a pair of hands, wire budded, stretch the green foliage, confetti spit bud, flower, beautiful, this is the "paper" for you to bloom. ??材料工具:    白色、橘色、米黄色、深绿色皱纹纸,粗绿铁丝,细绿铁丝,乳白胶,剪刀??制作步骤:??1、准备好需要的材料和工具;??2、取出米黄色皱纹纸,剪出一个长条,用剪刀将其剪成细长条;??3、在长条的底部涂抹乳白胶,将其缠绕粘贴在粗绿铁丝上,作为雌蕊;??4、取出米黄色皱纹纸和橘色皱纹纸,各剪出如图的一个长条,并将其粘贴为一根长条;??5、等待粘贴好的长条干燥后,也用剪刀将其剪成细长条;??6、将其缠绕粘贴到雌蕊上面,作为雄蕊;??7、用手指将雄蕊花丝向外扩展,然后将橘色部分向内折叠成为花粉;??8、取出白色皱 Masking paper, cut out 5 Figure petals;?? 9, with fingers extended petals, and make some radian, which makes it more natural petals;?? 10, the same way, make the other 4 petals;?? 11, paste into the flower petals one by one;?? 12, take a deep green crepe paper, cut out 5 sepals;?? 13, will be pasted to the base of the flower sepals;?? 14, remove the dark green crepe paper, cut out the 3 leaves;?? 15, the leaves stick thin green wire, as leaves;?? 16. Combination of flowers and leaves, made a wild rose. ?? You can do a few flowers in a vase, or as a wall hanging up, simple and beautiful.相关的主题文章: