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Do baby massage can do this thing premature – Sohu to do a lot of new words maternal mother child will believe that when the child heard the doctor said, please remember do baby massage. So, what is the touch? What are the benefits of massage? Is the so-called touch by touch hands on the baby’s skin is orderly, hand skill science touch, so that a large number of moderate and good stimulation to the central nervous system through the skin to produce positive physiological responses. Touch the benefits of weight gain; soothe emotions; relieve worries; enhance sleep; enhance parent-child relationship; improve appetite, relieve flatulence (take care of the baby believe flatulence mother deep); relieve pain; to observe the baby’s body; the name can make a baby with his parents in different parts (massage when you can give the baby to the side while doing this is where the); increase the baby’s immunity and stress. The mother asked, since touching benefits so much, how to do? Don’t worry, his mother told you! First of all, touching the choice of time. Massage should be carried out in a baby shower before and after, should not be too full or too hungry; the baby awake, not tired, do not upset. Two, then, is to touch. Baby oil, cream; bath towel and diapers, wash clothes; warm, quiet room, room temperature at 26 degrees Celsius; soft music; wash warm hands. Note: the start of baby massage before, first remove your watch and your hand and wrist jewelry and handle all the appropriate length of nail scissors. If you have to wear these things please Yuesao best to let her off, to avoid scratching the baby. Three, finally, the method of touching. Touch the order according to the head, chest and abdomen, limbs, limbs, back, every part of 3-5 times. (watch the video of the same name WeChat I can focus on the public number: Muzi Li Gongshe) four, what time to stop when the intense emotional reactions when touching the baby, to stop touching and gently picked up the baby for comfort. (such as crying) from time to time in the process of stopping touch touch, hand on the baby’s body does not move, if the baby is not quiet, that is to tell you to stop. Five, preterm infants can take massage? In the preterm infants first touch before the best and the medical staff confirm the baby that can be touched. If your baby is healthy, there is no other complications or congenital diseases, generally can be. But in the premature time should not be too long when I first touch. In 5 minutes is appropriate, can be seen as the situation and slowly increase to 15 minutes each time. Note: 1, doing as little as possible when touching the door, to ensure that the room temperature; 2, the massage technique is from light to heavy; in 3, when touching eyes must talk to the baby, and baby talk; 4, in touch don’t force the baby to maintain a fixed position, with Bao Baoxi Huan posture. 5, when the intense emotional response when the baby, to stop touching; 6, at any time.相关的主题文章: