Don’t be scared of Quan Zhilong mask other cool on half face next year

Don’t be scared to other Quan Zhilong mask on cool half face lead: position right Zhilong in fashion circles do not say it, each other can bring a series of chain reaction. Some people praise, but someone shouted can not understand, see not to understand is one thing, dare to wear is another matter. But anyway, the dragon that dares to wear is definitely a fashion predictor. (Editor: @philtre) scan QR code plus WeChat is a fashion forecaster, why do you say that? Quan Zhilong has a variety of fantastic "Mask" shape of the majority of users fans scared not light, starting with a mask, hat, scarf and all can cover the face with a single product to his half face, and later more directly face, his whole face was blocked by an airtight don’t stop. Fans, and opened a small joke. Right, black hat, face to face, airport, super intentional! So, as a fan of rights, you have to accept his usual style of explosion, but also to accept his mind when the big hole is not reliable. Right Zhilong Street collection right Zhilong mask shape but this really is not reliable? Quan Zhilong goes to the Chanel show, see the show Lei Feng hat, do you remember? In fact, before this, Quan Zhilong is a Lei Feng hat enthusiasts, in his style of play, Lei Feng cap also gives off a fashion vitality. Quan Zhilong Lei Feng and the 2016 winter cap other men’s week, there are many brands of playing the Lei Feng cap shape, such as Junya Watanabe, with a uniform coat collocation Lei Feng cap, it seems my big Chinese finally also has a single product can be boarded the big stage of the world. Junya Watanabe 2016 autumn and winter series of navigation copyright statement: original manuscript, if you need to reprint, please strictly indicate the source of sina fashion.

别被权志龙蒙面侠造型吓到 来年扮酷就靠半遮面   导语:权志龙在时尚圈的地位就不用多说了吧,每一套造型都能带起一系列的连锁反应。有人称赞有人却大呼看不懂,看不看得懂是一回事,敢不敢穿却是另一回事。但不管怎么说,敢穿的龙龙绝对是时尚预测者。(编辑:@philtre) 扫二维码加微信 是否是时尚预测者   为什么这么说呢?权志龙最近各种匪夷所思的“蒙面侠”造型把广大网友粉丝吓到不轻,一开始用口罩,帽子,围脖等所有能遮住脸的单品把自己围个半遮面,后来愈演愈烈直接套了面罩,把自己整张脸堵了个密不透风才肯罢休,和粉丝开了不小的玩笑。 权志龙黑色帽子挡脸亮相机场 超故意的!   所以,作为一枚权志龙的粉丝,你们既要接受他平时潮到爆的造型,也要接受他脑洞大开时的不靠谱。 权志龙街拍合集 权志龙蒙面侠造型   但这真的是不靠谱吗?权志龙去香奈儿高定秀场看秀的那套雷锋帽你们还记得吗?其实在这之前,权志龙就是一个雷锋帽的爱好者,在他的花样玩法下,雷锋帽也焕发出一股时尚的活力。 权志龙雷锋帽造型   而这次的2016秋冬男装周中,就有不少牌子也玩起了雷锋帽的造型,例如Junya Watanabe,用雷锋帽搭配军装大衣,看来我大天朝终于也有一个单品能够登上世界的大舞台了。 Junya Watanabe 2016秋冬系列 本文导航 版权声明:原创稿件,如需转载,请严格注明出处新浪时尚。相关的主题文章: