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Dry cargo baby common disease – Sohu maternal infant thrush thrush is what thrush thrush (Thrush) also known as Candida albicans disease (Moniliasis), and the goose mouth sore in rickets, white sores and goose mouth sore in goose mouth sore in is a common disease in children, the oral cavity, the disease often occurs because the white pseudomembrane in the mouth, sometimes this like a piece of snow white pseudomembrane. It is also known as thrush, often found in infants. This disease is caused by Candida albicans infection, which is characterized by the formation of white spots on the mucosal surface. This fungus can sometimes be found in the mouth when the baby malnutrition, oral cavity is not clean or debilitating disease can occur, can also occur in frail adults. The newborn from the birth canal infection, or because of pollution spread unclean or feeding lactation nipple fingers. Had a baby thrush often feel oral discomfort, sometimes feel pain, most babies will therefore reduce infant thrush; cause baby breathing is not enough, the baby nutrition intake is not enough, nutritional deficiency. What is the infant intussusception intussusception intussusception is a set of intestines into adjacent intestines, causing intestinal obstruction and is not smooth. Any part of the body can occur, but most of it occurs at the end of the small intestine and at the beginning of the large intestine. It is the most common acute abdomen in infants. If the bowel intussusception in 1 – 2 days, set into the intestinal obstruction of blood circulation, and with bowel peristalsis is set more tightly, which had ischemic necrosis and perforation, endanger the baby’s life. Infant umbilical hernia infant umbilical hernia symptoms occurred in the shedding of the umbilical cord after days and weeks of the baby, the umbilical cord has been cut off the epithelial formation, therefore, the surface is covered by skin hernia. The main performance was prominent in the navel, tumor increased crying, skin tight thin Chengwei blue, quiet sleep supine or narrow masses disappeared. The umbilical left loose folds, with fingers hernia content also satisfied, often can hear the sound of water and gas, can touch the umbilical ring finger to hard tissue, umbilical deep hole, can be estimated to umbilical ring diameter, when children cough, crying, when forced fingers can have impact. Umbilical reducible mass, crying fullness, quiet disappear, can be diagnosed. What is a baby anemia anemia in infants and young children is a common symptom of a long period of anemia can affect the heart function and mental development. Anemia is mostly due to malnutrition in infants and young children. Anemia can appear pale or sallow complexion, fatigue resistance, low symptom. Nutritional anemia can be divided into nutritional red blood cell (iron deficiency) anemia and nutritional megaloblastic anemia (vitamin B12, folic acid deficiency) anemia. A, iron deficiency anemia: caused by the influence of iron deficiency in the body of heme synthesis, is a common problem in the world, especially in infants and young women of childbearing age. According to statistics, China’s nearly 40% of school-age children and children with varying degrees of anemia. The main causes of iron deficiency are as follows: 1相关的主题文章: