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"Forensic Qin Ming" breaking four hundred million Ruoyun Li is tacit upgrade – Sohu is fierce lightning entertainment Li Qin Ming Li is forensic evidence reasoning is Lee entertainment Sohu directed by Xu Ang, Zhang Ruoyun, Jiao Junyan, Li now starring Guoneishoubu forensic drama industry "forensic Qin Ming" network click rate rising last night to break through the four hundred million mark. Mr. Li in the film as the most handsome police Lin Tao, together with "the ghost track" Qin Ming and forensic science intern Li Dabao traces a disgraceful history to uncover the secret. The series has been playing almost half, "gold case combination" case one by one by one at the same time, buried wiring has gradually surfaced. He cracked the case with "disappeared after molar" end, let the police team immersed in gloom and treacherous. This week the lightning cracked terror female reporter puzzle heavy theme lie case, and immediately opened a new chapter in the story of reed monster, burning brain and catch the heart, the audience refer to a week two set is not enough. Zhang Ruoyun and Lee now, a blood flow through the first to find the key to solve the problem, one by the reed footprints and matching shoes to lock the suspect, with no agreement. Mention the golden combination of the play, Lee is also admitted: any case is not only a person can solve the problem. So the power of the team is the essence. This is today together let me love." It is reported that, directed by Xu Ang, Zhang Ruoyun, Jiao Junyan and Lee now starring Qin Ming drama "forensic forensic industry" every Thursday night in the 8:00 two update in the hit set.相关的主题文章: