Former EU officials no loopholes in the regulation of the tail valve is the wrong car prices ravbin

Former EU officials: regulations without loopholes is car tail valve fault before the European Commission Vice President (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), a member of the Gü nter Verheugen in the industry; accept the exhaust door commission the European Parliament, stressed that the relevant EU regulations specified no loopholes, tail valve is Volkswagen’s own fault. Gü nter Verheugen denied due to the relevant provisions of the European Union, the birth of mass exhaust valve, there is no problem in the formulation of laws and regulations, the problem is how to comply with the laws and regulations of automobile manufacturers." Gü nter Verheugen stressed that the EU regulations prohibit the use of tampering with the software to beautify the value of automobile exhaust emissions, he did not expect the public will see the EU provisions on nothing. Gü nter Verheugen from 2004 to 2010 served as EU industry Commissioner, to participate in the formulation of Volkswagen emission clause. Gü nter Verheugen indicates that when the EU emissions clause is introduced, the car manufacturers know that they cannot meet the requirements specified in their previous production.相关的主题文章: