Freeze 304th long live love xhero

Freeze 304th: "long live love" Tsai Ming-Liang "long live love", the 1994 fixed period of 304th, this moment from the "long live love". A sale of apartments, slipped into three men: Urn sales off (Li Kangsheng ornaments), hawker (Chao-Jung Chen ornaments), as well as the sales lady (Yang Guimei). The young people in the city are lonely, hawkers and together with the sales ladies, once in the apartment. Since then, the vendor has been called to find a sales girl, I hope to continue this love. And off is a gay, he slipped into the apartment, to Dutch act cut, but the passion of the two. In this moment, back to the room, holding a watermelon (yellow flesh) kiss up. Then, the hapless watermelon also has been made in the wall of bowling, crashed, finally was brutally eaten. The people in the city are lonely. Long live the love of the three protagonists, like ghosts in the city, there is no purpose, no hope. They are always out of tune with the environment. The film director Tsai Ming-Liang’s second film, won the Venice Film Festival Golden Lion Award, Taiwan Golden Horse Award for best feature film award.相关的主题文章: