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From the perspective of " " on China; Chinese diplomatic cultural characteristics – Theory – original title: "from the perspective of Chinese foreign culture as the first American diplomat to visit the new Chinese occupation Chinese", Kissinger witnessed the development of the contemporary Sino American relations, is recognized as "the most contemporary American people understand China". In 2011, Kissinger published a book "on China", the author of the book presents how to deal with what one sees and hears, Sino US relations in the new era to the era subject. Kissinger emphasized the effect of China history and culture, he exclaimed, "China is the one and only, no country has such a long history and tradition of civilization without stop, or with the old strategy and political strategy so the same". The characteristics of Chinese diplomatic culture can be found from the historical and cultural traditions. Unique view of the world. As a result of the early development of highly developed civilization, coupled with the strength of their own has not been similar or stronger than their "other", traditional China has always regarded themselves as the center of the world. Is the so-called "all over the world, belongs to the king. All this land, are the king’s servants". However, with the values of many western countries are different, China’s feelings of this world and no external expansion of the impulse, but more emphasis on cultural influence. "Zhaoxie ceremony, Huaiyuan in germany." Compared with the traditional military conquest, China more inclined to set an example for the role of external change. For this reason, there has been little expansion in the history of China, and there has never been overseas colonization. When Zheng He went to the Western Ocean, navigation technology and comprehensive national strength are far better than the west, but never on the territory of the territorial claims, what is done is to expand trade, the spread of Chinese culture. In Kissinger’s view, this shows that China does not try to change the beliefs of other countries, not the implementation of the existing system of overseas…… This is a cultural concept of equality". The pursuit of peace, harmony and harmony is deeply rooted in the spiritual world of the Chinese nation and is deeply rooted in the blood of the Chinese people. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the Chinese nation is a peace loving nation. The elimination of war and the realization of peace are the most urgent and deepest aspirations of the Chinese people in modern times. The path of peaceful development is the inheritance and development of the fine cultural tradition of the Chinese nation, and also the inevitable conclusion of the Chinese people’s sufferings in modern times. China people is afraid of unrest, is seeking stability, hope is Peace reigns over the land. Recommended reading: Xi Jinping talk about green development: "recycling" how to go? General Secretary Xi on the reform of the army to mobilize a strong army to give spiritual power to Xi General Secretary repeatedly stressed the "accountability" and "play" "accountability regulations" to the system cage tied tightly the 95 anniversary of the founding of the speech of General Secretary Xi stressed that "10 why not forget the early heart move on" Xi Jinping four "no change" objective to judge the economic trend of supply side reform put forward new requirements from the original title: "on the characteristics of Chinese foreign culture’s unique perspective view China". To Confucianism as the core of the traditional culture China attaches great importance to justice. Adhere to the correct concept of justice, not only the condensation of traditional Chinese culture"相关的主题文章: