Full opening of the end of the year to brush the phone into the subway during the full coverage of t chompoo araya

At the end of the full opening of ear brush mobile phone full coverage of information times in the Metro subway WiFi years (reporter correspondent Jiang Jun Chen Hong) to serve the construction of Guangzhou international science and technology innovation hub and international innovation center of the city, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau Committee recently organized media collection outstanding branch enterprises, visited the Guangzhou Ming Kang biological engineering Co. Ltd., crown Hao Tsinghua Science Park, the Pearl River Delta Research Institute, Guangzhou Metro Company, the public record No. 5 space. During the year, the full coverage of the subway in Guangzhou, the person in charge of the subway, in recent years, Guangzhou subway access to more than 40 national patent authorization, saving operating costs over $600 million ($). In terms of scientific and technological innovation, Guangzhou is the first country to use Apple Pay, chip cards and other mobile payment function subway ride. Currently, in the airport, railway stations, high-speed rail stations and other foreign passengers have been the first to take the lead in the implementation of the subway station ticket, passengers on the two-dimensional code can be pulled on the phone. Guangzhou subway official, by the end of this year, the Guangzhou subway station will have all the brush mobile phone into the gate, tram station subway station, all will have to realize mobile phone payment and bank card lock function part gate. By the end of next year, the Guangzhou Metro and tram gates, cloud ticketing machines, mobile APP fully support UnionPay flash pay, cloud flash pay pay. "Cash, Yangcheng and other means will continue to support the ticket, passengers can choose the most convenient way ticket stop." Meanwhile, the official also revealed that by the end of this year, the Guangzhou Metro will achieve full coverage of WiFi. Innovative enterprises expect more to support many branch companies reflect, now the government attaches great importance to enterprise development, but the development of products for sale, but the lack of policy support. Ming Kang biological person in charge, the company’s development of new drugs, Ming Fu music is used in the treatment of acute myocardial infarction thrombolytic drugs effective rate of 83%. But this is a new drug R & D for 15 years, the initial investment more than 400 million, to get the national market has allowed half a year on the market sold only less than 10, in the hope of new drugs into the market, health care, government policies.相关的主题文章: