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God pan! What is the main cause of Manchester United losing streak? Mourinho: thanks Van Gaal – Sohu (Sohu sports sports exclusive product without permission is forbidden) Beijing time on September 21st, the British media "mirror" news, the day before United boss Mourinho personally and said the exchange, the Red Devils in the League were losing streak of the competitions, and United’s former coach Van Gaal can not get away, said this team is deeply marked by the stigma of the Dutch, led the team being unable to get rid of the shadow of Van Gaal era; have to say, Mourinho’s argument, the rejection of the beautiful pot thrown. Recently, Manchester United and Mourinho suffered a crisis over the past week, the first Manchester United home court 1-2 defeat to Manchester City, Manchester City, lost in the derby, Mourinho once again lost to rivals Guardiola; after the Europa League group phase, Manchester United away 0-1 Faye Nord; on the weekend’s Premier League, Manchester United lost to Waterford 1-3 again. A Wednesday defeat, England legend Lineker bluntly, Van Gaal could not do this thing, this satire Mourinho, this is the last 14 years of his coaching career first losing streak. Prior to this, Mourinho will have the responsibility to the players, players mkhitaryan, and Luke Shaw, lingard was Portuguese naturally or half unconsciously criticism. British media broke the "mirror", in the view of Mourinho, Manchester United losing streak, mkhitaryan and other players and is not the main reason, the real "arch-criminal" is the former coach Van Gaal! In the past two seasons, Van Gaal Manchester United, because the game was boring, stricken outside the shelling, especially the Old Trafford game, often have fans and fell asleep because the game is boring. It is reported that Mourinho and friends talk in private, the Manchester, the players have yet to get rid of the shadow of the Van Gaal era, his tactics can never be effectively implemented, the real cause of this is the start of the new season’s Manchester United not beautiful, recently suffered undervalued. Mourinho believes that with the deepening of the season, he will gradually let United players gradually get rid of the shadow of the era of Van Gaal, so that they are no longer bound by the old technical and tactical. Of course, the premise is the United need to end a three game losing streak of embarrassment, they will encounter in the Carling Cup third round league one club Bei’an Hampton, while away from home, but opponents strength is not strong, Mourinho’s team losing streak end should be nothing difficult. (Sohu sports exclusive production without permission to reprint)相关的主题文章: