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How pleasing for young people to build a sophisticated style small car – car Sohu in all buried in SUV, making limousine at the same time, accepted as a small car Xingshenjianbei, facing the city congestion, increased haze, energy crisis problems such as "contrarian", undoubtedly choose a wonderful time. For the small car market shrinking, after pleasing features formed in the configuration design and performance, how to win the consumer’s "heart" from the new models in the implementation of benchmarking Vios and Chinese heritage, but also need to create its own unique accent. Wen |AutoR driving bell division for the car, Yan value is justice, especially for the birth and growth of the Internet era in the 80, the 90 generation. The characteristics of Nelson Chinese in the release of China "60, 70, 80 consumers, 90 of the truth" report was summarized in 80 and 90 of this group: social competition pressure for this generation; risk perception, greatly enhance the ability to have a strong sense of self. This group has a high degree of awareness of consumer brands, but not dedicated to a single brand, high in certain market segments of some taste, tone recognition and brand loyalty. In many car companies have been betting SUV models, Beijing modern in October 18th launched a new plant in Cangzhou to accept a contrarian. 80, the consumption characteristics of this group and has a strong purchasing power so that the modern Beijing will be the first plant in the production of the first model of the company’s customers are satisfied with the positioning of these fourth to three lines of young consumers in the city of. So the precise market positioning requirements of modern Beijing not only takes into account the "cheap" temptation, but need to model configuration and market strategy to make this group of young consumer town feel "Wumart" attraction, which is from "Yue" to "nano" process. * Beijing modern accepted headlights group using open eye pleasing design language vivid and colorful follows the most design concept, and adjusted for the front grille, the multi hexagon banner grille with chrome trim embellishment around. Headlight group starting point is the sum of the eyes with open eyes, with chrome trim and the net is connected, built-in LED lights with rear taillights, with a small spoiler design, make the vehicle more sporty. Yue’s design style is called "fluid sculpture 2 concept" in modern Beijing". This kind of young design language in an acceptable body everywhere, in order to meet the personalized needs of young consumers, pleasing provides 6 kinds of body color appearance, 4 interior colors and two tone seats. Emphasis on personalization at the visual level, to strengthen the consumer’s self-awareness, Wyatt can be said to be the ultimate. *H-Band smart Bracelet key smart Bracelet key enhance range of science and technology to make this small car with the young master to establish closer ties, accept social characteristics and living habits of young people for a special design, the utility function is H-Band Bracelet intelligent key. Car owners wear this bracelet, you can not carry smart相关的主题文章: