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Hundreds of student teacher allegedly beat a steel rod follow-up: the teachers involved have been dismissed – Beijing yesterday, this newspaper published the "training school hundreds of students teacher allegedly beaten" steel things, the news was published, attracted much attention, at present, relevant departments have been involved in the investigation. Two teachers involved, one person has been suspended, another person was expelled. For the specific circumstances of the matter, the police are still under investigation. Parents: forgive someone’s teacher more than a hundred students were beaten by the teacher with steel stick, can not help but let many parents feel worried. Yesterday morning, Beibei (a pseudonym) father makes a telephone call to the reporter, the phone, Mr. Zhao said that they had forgiven the two teacher of the students, and reconciliation. A sudden change in the attitude of parents to Beibei, reporters surprised. Mr. Zhao said, choose to forgive, not get any benefits, but the two teachers sat down to talk, do not want to ruin the heart of two young people in the future. "The two guys kept bowing their heads and apologizing, and we were moved by their attitude." Bei Bei’s mother, Ms. Zhao said, in August 28th, the students have to apologize to the teacher, and said to be beaten every student apology. She said, the two teachers are very young, the teacher Yin recently graduated from the University, here in practice. The 28 year old Liang, from rural Hebei, travel alone in Xi’an, standing in the elders’ point of view, decided to overlook this, forgive them. In addition, they decided to discuss the baby daughter in the future will also continue to study here for art, but guarantees other written guarantee, babe in the study period, no harm, otherwise it will compensate. In addition, the two sides have also written a letter of apology and mutual understanding. "This thing, it must be a great touch for the two young people." Ms. Zhao said, although the thought of her daughter to be playing it, her heart is still trembling, but she and Mr. Li are more willing to love good for evil, hope it can give these two teachers a profound lesson, but also hope they can forgive the role of the two teachers, it will no longer be held. The responsibility. School: to "schools" supervision "that this matter, I also feel very shocked." Shaanxi Zhuo Qing Education Technology Co. Ltd. responsible Wang Qiaoliang said that the night of August 28th, he learned of the matter, know that this thing really happened in Qing Zhuo art school, but the students and the teacher Yin Liang is not our teachers, but the "rental" of the school house of the Northwest art studio the teacher is. Wang Qiaoliang said, because the school has spare place, this year will be vacant rental housing to the Northwest art studio, the other for teaching and other activities. In March 1, 2016, the two sides signed a one-year lease contract, the studio and the school belongs to the "rental" relationship. Considering all the factors, not listed on the Northwest art studio in the school. "This is actually the two party school, teaching, enrollment, operation conditions, both management alone." Wang Qiaoliang said that in this incident, with steel stick to play the students of the beam teacher and Yin teachers, namely, the United States and the Northwest art of painting clouds相关的主题文章: